Pilates Workshops

*All of the following workshops are open to both Pilates professionals and Pilates devotees who wish to expand their practice and understanding of the more technical aspects of the work.



    The Intermediate Session on the Reformer

    Perhaps the most renowned of all Pilates equipment, the Reformer and its sophisticated system of springs, straps and pulleys features a vast selection of exercises that can be performed on this surprisingly versatile apparatus. The Short Spine, Long Box Series, Long Stretch Series, Semi-Circle, and Splits are just some of the key exercises that will review and refine in your own body, as you acquire the most essential skills to assist your clients in integrating the Intermediate level work on this amazing machine.

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    Advanced Exercises on the Cadillac

    In this incredibly fun and challenging Pilates Cadillac workshop you will gain an entirely new level of unmatched core strength, flexibility, balance and improved posture as you learn how to teach the advanced exercises.

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    Teaching the Beginner Session

    Perhaps the most challenging level to teach, the exercises that comprise the Beginner Series are the very 'heart and soul' of the method and the most essential to becoming an exeptional Pilates instructor. In a very short time, you will realize that every upper-level program builds upon the information that will be learned during this course.

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    Combination Workshops

    The Perfect Balance: Pilates and Yang Vinyasa Yoga

    This ground-breaking workshop combines the core series from Joseph Pilates' classical Mat work syllabus with a strong yoga practice to help you experience the "Perfect Balance." Emphasizing movement initiated from the core, you will be able to experience greater stability, strength and power in your practice.

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    The Language of Teaching: Cueing for Exceptional Results

    Do you feel like you wind up saying entirely too much to get your point across when you're teaching? Wish there was a way to feel energized and empowered while administering exceptional supervision? There is. Teaching well is an art, and learning to communicate concisely and effectively so that your students achieve the best results is possible.

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    The Pilates Advanced Series Workshop

    Open to Pilates instructors and advanced Pilates students. This workshop can be tailored to suit the needs of your studio and staff and any one or combination of two apparatus can be chosen on a given weekend as the foundation for the workshop. A superlative review of the advanced exercises on the Pilates apparatus: mat, reformer, cadillac, chair and barrel(s).

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    Pilates Modifications Workshop

    Learn how to tailor exercises in the mat syllabus to suit bodies with special needs, seniors, the overweight, people who require injury rehabilitation, those seeking relief from chronic back pain, modifications for scoliosis, post-natal strength-training or people with limited flexibility---any body, any level of fitness.

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    Magic Circle Solutions for Scoliosis

    Whether you are personally challenged by scoliosis or want to strengthen one side of your body and improve your overall balance and strength or if you wish to help your clients with innovative ways to tackle scoliosis head-on, this is the workshop for you! Explore how to appreciably improve curvature of the spine through a combination of simple, but effective Pilates exercises using the Pilates Magic CircleTM.

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    Pilates for Scoliosis

    In this inspiring workshop, we will explore the multiplicity of ways to appreciably improve the muscular tone and overall awareness in bodies that are challanged by scoliosis.

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    The Pilates Method for Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation

    Maybe you are personally challenged by injury or you want to learn how to help your clients rehabilitate successfully. This workshop will help you to explore how to come back from many different types of injuries, old and new through a combination of simple, but effective Pilates exercises.

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    The Pilates Hands-On Workshop

    Health, Communication & Healing through Touch 

    In this exciting Pilates workshop, you will be presented with the tools to assist you in becoming a skillful hands-on practitioner. You will learn how touch can greatly enhance your communication as well as the effectiveness of the exercises you already know.

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