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Tone your entire body with an intense move that Kries says is derived from Qigong, or the Chinese practice of integrating breath and movement for exercise, healing and meditation.
Harnessing Heaven: Stand with your feet a little wider than hip distance apart and your toes pointing out. Working from the soles of your feet upward, engage the quads, outer thighs, glutes and abs. Now lift your arms overhead, but keep them wider than your shoulders, with elbows slightly bent—as if they're encircling a giant ball. Lift your eyes and look up between your hands. As you continue to reach and extend the lower body, also feel like you're pulling down through your arms (your belly button should be your center of energy). Hold for 3 to 5 minutes. Bring the arms down slowly and relax. Repeat 2 more times.

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The Pilates Mentorship Program

Teaching to Inspire~The Pilates Mentorship Program



“The calling of the teacher. There is no craft more privileged. To awaken in another human being powers, dreams beyond one’s own; to induce in others a love for that which one loves; to make of one’s inward present their future; that is a threefold adventure like no other.”

~ George Steiner, Lessons of the Masters



For me, few things in life match the level of joy I derive from being a part of the transformational process of teaching and what it yields-- helping others to reach beyond what they know and live their best lives from the heart, in alignment with their authentic nature and their true purpose.

Joseph Pilates’ original method has graced my body, mind and spirit with its abundant gifts since age 13 and continues to reach far beyond the realm of the body, expanding my world in ways I never could have imagined. The only way I know to repay this gift that keeps on giving, is to offer it to others in the spirit in which it was created. Passing on Pilates’ legacy of mind-body integrity and excellence with its original spark and dynamic insights has been a long-time passion of mine and one that I take great pleasure in offering to others with great respect, child-like wonder and excitement.

I invite you to join the party, this keen investigation of the body, mind and spirit, your own, and that of all lucky travelers who have the good fortunate to cross your path and experience the life-changing gifts that await them ...

I created the mentorship program as a way to help Pilates devotees, students and teachers alike experience the power and efficacy of Joseph Pilates original genius, to benefit from the work in their own bodies, honing every essential aspect of the craft, coming to understand teaching as both an art and a science, so that they could then pass it along in its purest and highest form to others. The program is intended to inspire you to achieve your highest

Tuition: $495 

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Applicants will be notified by email regarding eligibility.

potential as a practitioner, instructor and to catalyze an awakening in you as a human being so that you can ultimately reach your highest potential outside the studio ... in life. Because in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about? --Acknowledging that life is here and now and meant to be lived to the fullest! Come, join me ... reach higher and teach others to do the same.

Teaching to Inspire is designed for Pilates devotees and instructors who have been practicing or teaching Pilates for at least one year and want to experience the master-apprentice art of learning transformational mind-body movement and teaching in its original form. Deepen and refine your understanding of the work in your own body and become a superlative and inspiring guide.

Teaching to Inspire is available in the following formats:

  • Individual: Private instruction with Jennifer offered as a weekend or week-long intensive focusing on the subject of your choice
  • Group: A group of 3-7 people with Jennifer in a weekend or week-long intensive, geared towards a subject that resonates with the requirements of the group

The program covers myriad aspects of the Pilates Method and in any given format, you are free to choose your area of concentration and in just a few hours, watch your teaching improve dramatically, develop a new confidence in your teaching, and take your understanding of Joseph Pilates’ genius to a whole new level:

Cover the Complete Pilates Syllabus on Each Apparatus for Every Level of Capability*Rehabilitation Scenarios*Strength-Training for Specialized Sports*Pilates for Scoliosis*Hands-On Techniques*The Language of Teaching; the Art of Cueing and the list goes on ...

Jennifer Kries is a master and a sage. Although I practiced Pilates for five years prior to meeting her, I never felt so challenged, so inspired to work, nor so enlightened as to my body’s potential. I have come to seek––and on my good days attain––a level of greatness and depth of understanding that Jennifer is responsible for sparking in me. She is truly special, and I credit her with transforming the relationship that I have with my own body, while catalyzing for me the marked elevation of my own practice. Her passionate work as a dancer, her keen knowledge of Eastern healing practices, and her penetrating wisdom of anatomy inform every layer of her teaching, and infuse every verbal cue, every direction she so brilliantly transmits. Her eye is precise beyond measure, in that she is able to read the body in a way that continues to astound. Her belief in focused and meticulous work is coupled with her exquisite command of language in the imparting of her lessons. These gifts yield an uncanny insight into the distinct physical needs and mental make-ups of each of her clients. It is exactly this insight, and Jennifer’s overwhelming genius in the field, that make her one of an elite echelon of teachers.

~Maggie Lyon, Author

The Pilates Master Trainer Series


The definitive resource for Pilates professionals, teachers-in-training or Pilates devotees wishing to deepen and refine their practice.

Very simply, the most comprehensive Pilates DVD Series available.


For more information on Teaching to Inspire and engaging Jennifer as a mentor, please contact: Kim@jenniferkries.com


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