RavenHouse Retreats

San Diego, CA
(Address will be supplied upon registration)

Single day $395:

Full weekend $625:


The Raven House Retreat Center
Where Mindful Movement Meets Conscious Exploration of the Heart & Soul, Mind, Body and Spirit 

Date: October 8-9
Times: 10-1pm and 2-5pm both days.
These days are two separate sessions that can be taken alone or together as a package. 
Cost: Single day: $395 Full Weekend: $625

This month, we'll be offering two consecutive weekend days.
Please note that this event is limited to 12 people, so early registration is strongly suggested. 

Each Day Includes:
Spread Your Wings & Fly: Mindful Movement: Waking Energy, Pilates & Yin Yoga (2 hours)
Feed Your Soul: Cooking class and lunch
Raven Wisdom: Lecture: True to You
What would it mean to you to live the life you have dreamed of? It all begins with you and loving yourself, meeting yourself for the first time, as if you were meeting someone you were excited about. Take a journey through your thoughts. Vanquish self-limiitng, falsely held beliefs and discover your real power when you align yourself with your own truth and usher in endless possibilities. 

Custom Aromatherapy Massage
Schedule your massage in advance and request male or female therapist if you have a preference.
The practitioners we have here are some of the best in the world and are carefully selected.

Massage Offerings:

Deep Tissue

Please note that there is no on-site lodging available, but we will recommend local Aire B&B's as well as hotels for your stay. 

Register now for an experience you won't soon forget!

Raven tree

Surrounded by majestic cypress and white tea roses weaving through the entrance trellis, this elegant, quaint, classic vintage San Diego craftsman-style home will beckon you to enter a world where you can leave the crush and busyness of your daily life behind, trading it in for peace of mind and inner contentment. If you can't make it to Rancho La Puerta, this is your lucky chance to participate in your own healing retreat right here in San Diego, an urban sanctuary that will make you feel as though you've landed in the South of France! Think Canyon Ranch, just small scale. Think the Bergdorf Goodman of retreat centers.

Founded by Jennifer Kries, world-renowned mind-body-spirit expert, Raven House began as a refuge from an especially challenging time in her own life. Delivered to her in what was perfect timing, her mother, a great lover of ravens predicted that the universe would come through with what turned out to be an extraordinary shelter. 
Raven House is a most unique boutique retreat venue, host to guest presenters from around the world, experts in their field, artists, filmmakers, musicians, yogis, leaders in health and wellness, brought to you in the most exclusive and intimate of settings.

Catch an errant whiff as it rides on a breeze outside--Inhale the sweet scents of gardenia and honeysuckle, and feast your eyes on the arbor of American beauty roses in the garden as you relax in the grand Adirondack chair, or sit at the outdoor zinc bar, sharing a quiet chat with friends, sipping refreshing blackberry sage tea or raspberry lavender lemonade that you just made for yourself in the kitchen after harvesting your garnish--the mint leaves that you just picked from the organic garden and then, savoring the gluten-free molten chocolate cake you baked--pure decadence!

Come dance on a new culinary playground with our resident whole-foods chef and learn how to nourish yourself beautifully with foods that fortify you from the inside and serve as a true feast for your eyes, making your senses come alive!
Divine is the word that comes to mind for me.
Lose yourself in the library, perusing the shelves, deepening your understanding of things you love, delighting in new discoveries and expanding your world.
Magic happens here. 

I love this place passionately and I invite you to come and share, to fall under its spell just as I have time and time again.
Raven House--a mystical portal to the other side of you that's been hiding just waiting for you to say "Hello, I love you!" Let's be good to us!"
And when dusk falls, cozy up by the outdoor fireplace with an organic hot toddy elixir to cap off your beautiful day. Lazily drift off under a canopy of stars with a smile on your face and savor the day's events. 

At our exclusive and intimate venue a whole new universe, a world of enchantment and transformation and joy waits for you ... What are you waiting for!
This is your one wild and precious life as Mary Oliver said so well. What do you plan to do with it?
Know that what you seek is seeking you.
All you have to do is say yes and open the door.

Your feline ambassadors are also eagerly awaiting your arrival--August and Gemma, our chief aviary specialists will soon be looking out for you on the wing ...

Raven cypress-min We thank you for your respect and consideration.

*We kindly ask that you choose your workshops carefully, and register and purchase mindfully, as we do not offer refunds for our workshops under any circumstances, emergency or other.

*If in the event that you are unable to attend a workshop because of a legitimate emergency, we will allow you to send a proxy (friend or family member) to take your place and utilize your tuition payment.

*Once you have selected a proxy, you will need to have that person email Kate@jenniferkries.com with name, address, contact information, as well as a copied email “cc’ed” written statement from both parties concerned, that the person you have chosen as your proxy has agreed to take your place and that you have taken care of the financial details with that person.*If you are unable to locate an eligible substitute to take your place, as a last resort, we will alternatively allow you to apply your workshop funds towards private sessions with Jennifer based upon her availability.