The Language of Teaching: Cueing for Exceptional Results

  • Through the use of potent, concise, descriptive metaphors and simple instruction and phrases, you will be teaching brilliantly in no time at all.
  • Learn how to finally lose the superfluous words! Simplify your teaching life and empower yourself and your students.
  • Learn how Joseph Pilates theories of "economy of movement" can easily be applied to the "economy of words!" Feel the results of your own energy "conservation" by choosing your words carefully and intelligently
  • New phraseology and simple "word formulas" will increase your teaching efficiency immediately and inspire greater creativity in your teaching.
  • With your new language skills, you will start to see your clients evolve in new ways almost overnight.
  • Learn the secret that only hard-won experience in the field can provide--- THE secret to becoming a truly extraordinary teacher = Language.
Language facilitates. Language empowers. Precise, well-crafted language will make your private sessions and group classes of any size flow effortlessly and help you to conserve your energy so that you can use it to diagnose, plan your lessons and get creative rather than simply putting your clients through their paces. Watch your own transformation in this unique workshop! Go from good to GREAT just by learning the art of communication-by learning how to choose the right words and the most effective way to say them!