Teaching the Beginner Session

In this workshop, come to appreciate the Beginner level exercises in a whole new way, viewing them through the lens of both student and teacher as you acquire key tools to confidently "own" the beginner exercises and guide novice clients through their first few sessions.

  • Learn a tried and true formulaic approach that will make an introductory session smooth, fulfilling and enjoyable for both you, the teacher and your new student.
  • Learn how to integrate your initial observations of a first-time client and use these insights to assess his or her level of body awareness, comfort, and capability to determine the most effective way to begin that introductory session.
  • Introduce yourself to Jennifer's trademark cueing and hands-on adjustment techniques that will strengthen your communication and make your teaching immediately more effective, impactful and inspiring.
  • Learn lesson planning and time management strategies for the beginner session; discover how to make each session creative and consistent as you maximize the time you have.
  • Concentration, Centering, Control, Breath, Precision, Flow: learn to embody and teach these six Pilates principles to the beginner that are essential ingredients in any Pilates session.
  • Learn the Beginner exercises and the principles behind them. Learn the ideal version of each exercise, the appropriate modifications, and the transitions between those exercises.
  • Acquire the basic tools that will support you as you progress through higher levels of instruction and see how the beginner level informs the rest of the Pilates syllabus, facilitating a smooth transition to Intermediate and Advanced levels.