Magic Circle Solutions for Scoliosis

Through this comprehensive approach, you will learn how to diagnose scoliosis and familiarize yourself with the complete syllabus of exercises effective in the treatment of scoliosis. You will then go steps beyond and come to appreciate and understand the psychological component of scoliosis and how to approach your client with tact, professionalism and sensitivity. Learn strategic hands-on techniques to increase the efficacy of the exercises given to your client and see how dramatic structural and profound psychological changes can happen in a very short time! 


Familiarize yourself with the Pilates mat and standing exercises incorporating the magic circle, effective in the treatment of scoliosis and the balancing of the body, specifically the dominant and under-utilized sides of the body. This workshop will provide an important tool for people dealing with scoliosis personally, those who simply want to strengthen the weaker sides of their bodies, rehabilitate an injury or learn exercises to use for their clients who are challenged by scoliosis or who wish to balance a significant strength discrepancy.