Combination Workshops

You will learn to move through your asanas with greater strength, grace and effortlessness. In this two hour workshop, you will get a taste of how very important it is to develop a strong center in the quest for greater flexibility, overall strength and range of motion. Jennifer will start the workshop with a full 1 hour Pilates Mat workout and then guide the group through a well-rounded yoga practice, highlighting historical and practical features and applications of Pilates. You will have the opportunity to experience a yoga practice with the added power and benefit or Pilates mat work as a primer. Experience your own transformation! This practice will help you create the shape you were always intended to have and the body you desire: long, lean toned muscles, an extraordinarily high degree of abdominal strength and definition, enhanced overall muscular capacity, increased range of motion and flexibility, improved breathing, proper posture, reduced stress and peace of mind. Whether you have enjoyed the benefits of Pilates for years or are just discovering its genius, bring yourself into perfect balance with this wonderful workshop. Learn not only how to refine your skill, but how to truly enhance your understanding of your own body.

This workshop is appropriate for new students as well as experienced practitioners.