Advanced Exercises on the Cadillac

The Advanced level literally transforms the Cadillac into a grown-up jungle gym! Let Jennifer guide you through safe, proper usage and effective technique with a wide selection of these advanced acrobatics that require skill, precision and a good sense of humor!

  • Learn correct breathing, alignment and form, integrating precise, flowing movement and the specific verbiage and cues that will help you to communicate to your students in a way that yields exceptional results.
  • Very importantly, learn which exercises should be among the first to introduce to your clients as they are making the transition from Intermediate to the Advanced level.
  • Review variations and explanations, performed standing, seated, kneeling, supine and prone as you find new balance, awareness, strength and agility in your body.
  • Advanced air-borne Leg Springs, Bottom Exercise, Tower, Monkey, Legs Over the Roll Down Bar, Rolling In and Out - just a few exercises that are part of the Advanced Cadillac repertoire that you'll see taught, explained and demonstrated in exquisite detail.
  • Sharpen your skills, review and refine the work in your own body and achieve new heights of capability and total body strength as you learn the proper cuing and imagery in teaching these more challenging exercises.
  • Come to know more than ever the importance of honing advanced skills in your own body first in order for you to pass the same prowess and mastery onto your students!