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New Body! Pilates Beginner Level DVD

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The finest Beginner’s Pilates mat DVD workout available from America’s original Pilates expert. Learn the foundational principles and most essential exercises from a master! Sculpt and tone your new Pilates body.

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New Body! Pilates
Beginner Level DVD

pilates-beginner Create the body you’ve always dreamed of!

The finest Beginner’s Pilates mat DVD workout available from America’s original Pilates expert. Learn the foundational principles and most essential exercises from a master! Sculpt and tone your new Pilates body. Bonus feature: Magic Circle workout!Jennifer’s Beginner’s Pilates Mat DVD redefines fitness. It features the most sophisticated approach to authentic, classical Pilates and mind-body fitness today. It is a perfect fusion of the western requirement of the body as “ultimate machine” with the deeply satisfying, restorative, enlightening, mind-body-spirit philosophy of yoga and the east. With this Beginner’s Pilates DVD, you will come to understand why Pilates has attracted a devout and universal following because of its emphasis on overall conditioning, healing and balancing techniques. It is a thoughtful approach to working out.

Challenging enough for the super-fit and gentle enough for the expectant mother, This Beginner’s Pilates DVD asks the participant to focus and direct his/her energies towards specific goals: a uniformly developed and proportionate musculature, corrected body posture for the optimal functioning of vital organs, a combined power of body and mind, and elevation of the spirit. Pilates, the training secret for dancers and athletes for more than eight decades has been brought up to 21st Century standards: A strict adherence to requirements for anatomical correctness, specifically working with the spine’s natural vertebral alignment, combined with the influences of classical ballet and yoga.

Jennifer Kries teaches us a Pilates Method in her Beginner’s Pilates DVD and all of her work, that highlights a greater emphasis on back strengthening techniques and yoga based exercises geared towards improving breathing and increasing overall upper body facility. Simply put, Jennifer’s approach adapts the genius of Joseph Pilates to the practices of modern movement sciences and anatomy. It blends innovation with ancient wisdom and is inspiring, effective and accessible:

  • Stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, one of the body’s primary systems for toxin removal; oxygenated blood is forced into the farthest reaches of the body, flushing out toxins in what Pilates called an “internal shower.”
  • Increases the circulation of blood bringing highly oxygenated cells to the muscle bodies and the brain, strengthening the heart and lungs
  • Increases lung capacity, relieves asthma and other lung conditions and encourages complete diaphragmatic breathing enhancing a full exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, and hence increased energy and mental acuity
  • Encourages proper alignment and overall posture, creating ample/adequate space for the internal organs, allowing for their optimal functioning
    Helps to preserve and even increase bone density, preventing osteoporosis and relieves arthritis: rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.
  • Increases stamina, muscular strength and definition in the arms, shoulders, back, buttocks, legs and hips and builds endurance to facilitate the execution of daily tasks
  • Sculpts the body, creating long, lean, beautifully toned and well-proportioned muscles
  • Increases range of motion and spinal flexibility for easier movement in trunk and limbs, leading to a sense of freedom and ease in the body;
  • Dramatically corrects scoliosis and strengthens the muscles of the abdominals and back to relieve chronic back pain syndromes
  • Increases abdominal strength and encourages a greater awareness of the emotional center (around the area of the solar plexus and stomach)
  • Stimulates an endorphin release and calms the central nervous system, which instills a sense of tranquility, peace of mind and overall sense of well-being

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