The Reformer: Beginner & Intermediate Exercises with Transitions

• Cover an essential sampling from the complete syllabus of Classical Beginner and
Intermediate exercises on the Reformer for the healthy body that will help your
client to develop optimal alignment, core strength, and flexibility.
• Learn how to identify which exercises in the repertoire should be the first you
introduce to your advanced beginner client to help him or her transition to this
next level of challenge.
• Learn strategic techniques that will empower you as you refine your communication,
cueing and hands-on skills necessary to inspire and teach the exercises on the
Reformer effectively.
• Learn lesson planning and time management strategies for the Beginner and
Intermediate sessions; discover how to make each session creative and consistent
as you maximize the time you have.
• Learn the ideal version of each exercise, the appropriate modifications, and the
transitions between those exercises.
• Acquire the tools that will support you as you progress your client to higher levels of
instruction and see how the Beginner level informs the rest of the Pilates syllabus,
facilitating a smooth transition to more advanced exercises.
• Move beyond a core review of the Beginner and Intermediate level exercises and
learn the movement principles behind them, as you learn to teach in the most
compelling, transformative way.