The Classical Mat Teacher Training

San Diego - TBA

Tuition Oct. 22-23, Oct. 29-30 or Nov. 4-5:


Classical Mat Teacher Training Program

DATE: ​October 22-23rd and October 29-30th
TIME: ​10-1pm and 2-5pm
LOCATION: San Diego​ - Studio TBA
PRICE: ​$1,475.00

A Bridge Program especially designed to take contemporary teachers through the Classical syllabus.​
​Come Learn the original Classical mat work series with Jennifer, world-renowned 2nd Generation teacher. ​

In this Classical Mat Bridge Program, you'll learn every aspect of the Classical Mat work, from the form and function of each movement and the physiological and psychological benefits of each so that by the time you complete this training, not only will you be fully equipped to train any client, and any population, but you will ​be transformed by the work yourself! 

​Come learn and receive a lifetime of training wisdom from Jennifer--
​the tricks, the time-tested, people-proven, tried and true strategies that are exactly what you've been searching for all this time ...

​The ​​teaching ​secrets ​you'll learn are presented in a workshop platform designed for both the new teacher and more seasoned practitioner who wants to learn how to teach each and every exercise with confidence, surety and the power it was originally 
designed to deliver.

Go back to the roots with Jennifer as she shares her secrets of the original work with you!
​Here is your golden opportunity to experience ​Pilates entire May syllabus in a whole new way!


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*Once you have selected a proxy, we will need to have that person email with name, address, contact information, as well as a copied email "cc'ed" written statement from both parties concerned, that the person you have chosen as your proxy has agreed to take your place and that you have taken care of the financial details with that person.
*If you are unable to locate an eligible proxy, as a last resort, we will alternatively allow you to apply your funds towards private sessions with Jennifer based upon her availability. If you are unable to schedule your private sessions based upon Jennifer's availability up to 3 months from the purchase date of the event you registered for, we regret to inform you that you will have forgone the event funds.