“Teaching to Inspire” The Pilates Mentorship Program
Cadillac Weekend

May 17-18, 2014



*10 PMA CEC’s

Pilates on Park

4201 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92103

Tuition: $495

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Join 2nd Generation Classical Instructor, Jennifer Kries in this dynamic and inspiring workshop, where you will refine and redefine your understanding of your own work as both a practitioner and a teacher on the Cadillac, rising to new heights of excellence in just one weekend!

Jennifer created the mentorship program as a way to help Pilates devotees, students and teachers alike experience the power and efficacy of Joseph Pilates original genius, to benefit from the work in their own bodies, honing every essential aspect of the craft, coming to understand teaching as both an art and a science, so that they could then pass it along in its purest and highest form to others. The program is intended to inspire you to achieve your highest potential as a practitioner, instructor and to catalyze an awakening in you as a human being so that you can ultimately reach your highest potential outside the studio ... in life.

Gain an entirely new level of unmatched core strength, flexibility, balance and improved posture in your own body, as you learn how to teach the exercises from the beginner to the advanced levels in the syllabus. Experience for yourself why the Cadillac is one of the finest rehabilitative apparatus, but is also quite literally a grown-up jungle gym! Let Jennifer guide you through safe, proper usage and effective technique with a wide selection of these exercises ranging from very simple to advanced acrobatics that require skill, precision and a good sense of humor!

• Learn correct breathing, alignment and form, integrating precise, flowing movement and the specific verbiage and cues that will help you to communicate to your students in a way that yields exceptional results.

• Very importantly, learn which exercises should be among the first to introduce to your clients as they are making the transition from Intermediate to the Advanced level.

• Review variations and explanations, performed standing, seated, kneeling, supine and prone as you find new balance, awareness, strength and agility in your body.

• Advanced air-borne Leg springs, Bottom Exercise, Tower, Monkey, Legs over the roll down bar, Rolling in and Out —just a few exercises that are part of the Advanced Cadillac repertoire that you’ll see taught, explained and demonstrated in exquisite detail.

• Sharpen your skills, review and refine your the work in your own body and achieve new heights of capability and total body strength as you learn the proper cuing and imagery in teaching these more challenging exercises.

•  Come to know more than ever the importance of honing advanced skills in your own body first in order for you to pass the same prowess and mastery onto your students!

Joseph Pilates’ original method has graced my body, mind and spirit with its abundant gifts since age 13 and continues to reach far beyond the realm of the body, expanding my world in ways I never could have imagined. The only way I know to repay this gift that keeps on giving, is to offer it to others in the spirit in which it was created. Passing on Pilates’ legacy of mind-body integrity and excellence with its original spark and dynamic insights has been a long-time passion of mine and one that I take great pleasure in offering to others with great respect, child-
like wonder and excitement.
I look forward to inviting you to join this party, this keen investigation of the body, mind and spirit, your own, and that of all lucky travelers who have the good fortunate to cross your path and experience the life-changing gifts that await them ...

The Cadillac Immersion Weekend: Course Objectives

The Cadillac Immersion Weekend at Pilates on Park will provide the participant with an in-depth experience of Classical Pilates Cadillac work, including thorough explanations of each exercise, verbal and tactile cues, psychological insights and tried and true teaching formulas to inspire you and help you take quantum leaps, both as a practitioner and an instructor in immediate and profound ways!

*Teaching to Inspire is designed for Pilates devotees and instructors who have been practicing or teaching Pilates for at least one year and want to experience the master-apprentice art of learning transformational mind-body movement and teaching in its original form. Deepen and refine your understanding of the work in your own body and become a superlative and powerful guide.

Course Outline

The Cadillac and its sophisticated system of springs, straps and bars features a vast selection of exercises that can be performed on this surprisingly versatile apparatus. The Push-Through, Leg Spring Series, Tower, Monkey, Mermaid and Pull-Ups are just some of the key exercises that will review and refine in your own body, as you acquire the most essential skills to assist your clients with the integration of total body-mind work on this amazing machine.

• Hour 1: Overview and mission statement for the workshop; Intro to the essential sampling from the complete syllabus of Classical Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced exercises on the Cadillac for the healthy body that will help your client to develop optimal alignment, core strength, and flexibility.

• Hour 2: Learn strategic techniques that will empower you as you refine your communication, cueing and hands-on skills necessary to inspire and teach the foundational- level exercises on the Cadillac effectively.

• Hour 3: Learn how to identify which exercises in the repertoire should be the first you introduce to your beginner, and then advanced beginner client to help him or her transition to this next level of challenge.

• Hour 4: Learn lesson planning and time management strategies for the beginner and intermediate sessions; discover how to make each session creative and consistent as you maximize the time you have. Learn the ideal version of each exercise, the appropriate modifications, and the transitions between those exercises. Partnering work to practice new techniques.

• Hour 5: Acquire the tools that will support you as you progress your client to higher levels of instruction and see how the Beginner level informs the rest of the Pilates syllabus, facilitating a smooth transition to more advanced exercises.

• Hour 6: Move beyond a core review of the Beginner and Intermediate level exercises; learn the movement principles behind them, as you learn the philosophy that inspired the exercises in order to teach in the most compelling, transformative way. Partnering work to practice new techniques.

• Hour 7: Progress to the first advanced exercises that should be introduced to the intermediate student who is ready to be promoted, complete with hands-on techniques, verbal cueing formulas and psychological aspects of the more advanced work. Partnering work to practice new techniques.

• Hour 8: Moving deeper into the advanced syllabus of exercises with an emphasis on the dynamic for each exercise, the import behind it, and sheer physicality that translates into a seamless flow, a dance, if you will, a kind of “music” of the more challenging movements overall. Partnering work to practice new techniques.

• Hour 9: Featuring modifications for specific injuries on the Cadillac, from variations on Footwork, all the way through to Knee Stretch Series; how to assist your clients in the journey through rehabilitation to full recovery and vibrant strength.

• Hour 10: Closing exercises; a full-circle lecture on the importance of the various components that have been shared in the workshop, Hours 1-9, as well as a lively Q&A open to the participants.


To apply for this program, please contact Kim@jenniferkries.com. Please attach a current resume or CV and headshot to your email and you will receive a detailed reply with registration and further application instructions.


*Please submit completed applications via email or postal mail to one of the following addresses:


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