Pilates Method Alliance: The Hands On Workshop for Reformer and Cadillac

13th Annual Meeting of the PMA            Ft. Lauderdale, FL
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October 9th-12th 2013


The Hands-On Workshop for Reformer & Cadillac


Fall in love with teaching again! Learn how to preserve and strengthen your own body, while helping your clients to deeply and quickly integrate the work you’re giving them.


Ever feel at a loss as to how to help clients to connect with your cues and have them quickly absorb and execute the work you are giving them? Want to improve communication with your clients and help them feel the exercises you are trying to teach in an immediately effective way?


In just a few hours, watch your teaching improve dramatically as you take your own appreciation and understanding of Joseph Pilates’ genius to a whole new level. 

Learn how to become proficient in the art of hands-on adjustments as you build confidence and surety in your teaching and in the understanding of the exercises you already know. 


After experiencing the comfort and connection that skillful touch can generate, you'll want to run out and practice the new techniques you’ve learned on your friends and clients. The Hands-On Workshop is guaranteed to inspire you and remind you why you became a teacher in the first place!




In this exciting workshop, you will be presented with the tools to assist you in becoming a skillful hands-on practitioner. You will learn how touch can greatly enhance your communication as well as the effectiveness of every exercise. 


We will be applying hands-on techniques to a sampling of the Beginner and Intermediate exercises on the apparatus, as well as illustrating when to promote a client from one level to the next and which exercises to introduce first when advancing someone to a more challenging skill level. 


  • Sharpen your skills of intuition and perception as it regards interacting with your clients and peers. Hone your ability to observe body language and subtle cues in order to chart your course for a first session.
  • Deepen your sensitivity and empathy while strengthening your own boundaries with respect and subtlety. Study the issue of boundaries; when to touch, how to touch, what touch means, appropriate vs. inappropriate contact; most importantly how to “read” your client in this regard based on the very first handshake you exchange in your initial greeting.  
  • Through practice on your colleagues, learn the importance of giving and receiving feedback. Get immediate information about how your touch feels to someone else and build your confidence in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Learn what it means to administer the firm but gentle, intentional, instructional touch. Learn the difference between a more subtle “soft” adjustment and a stronger, firmer hands-on manipulation and when to use which one. We will feature a wide range of exercises which will provide ample practice grounds for each participant.
  •  Learn how to use your hands to “feel” and get the most accurate reading of your client’s true range of motion and flexibility in exercises that are sometimes hard to judge based on client feedback and your visual observations alone, i.e.: Push Through, the forward stretch in the Bicycle in Leg Springs Side, and the list goes on ...
  • Learn how to use your body as a leveraging tool in relation to the apparatus you are working on to preserve and even strengthen your own body as you administer care and attention to your clients; most specifically, learn the key leveraging “tricks” to effortlessly get your clients into Teaser on the Long Box, lengthen the hamstrings on Tower and increase overall range of motion in Spine Stretch Forward, and here again, the list of exercises we will cover goes on and on ...
  • Review the most essential aspects of hands-on techniques from beginner to intermediate exercises; learn what it feels like to give the very best "feel-good" and most effective hands-on adjustments possible so that your clients integrate the work that much faster and come back for more!
  • Build confidence and improve the overall quality of your teaching in one weekend!


*This workshop is open to Pilates instructors and Pilates devotees wishing to enhance their knowledge of “hands-on” approaches to increase the overall efficacy and psychophysical understanding of the syllabus exercises within the context of the Pilates Method. 

A background in anatomy is helpful, but not required and it is recommended that participants be in a strong state of physical fitness in consideration of this workshop, or any other given through Jennifer Kries’s Pilates Method Training Program.