Balanced Body Pilates on Tour: Pilates for Scoliosis

Learn how to recognize different types of scoliosis. Help to educate your clients about their own spinal configuration and how they can become active participants in their own conditioning program. Learn Pilates exercises for scoliosis that are also beneficial for working with athletes and other clients with muscular imbalances. Teach your clients how to develop internal control over their spines, strengthening the corset muscles of the body and creating greater overall tone and stamina. Learn techniques that will help your clients loosen their fasciae and establish new movement patterns in their bodies. Understand the psychological component of scoliosis; how to approach your client with tact, professionalism and sensitivity. Learn strategic hands-on techniques to increase the efficacy of the scoliosis exercises you give to your client. Come to appreciate the dramatic structural and profoundly positive psychological impact Pilates can have in the treatment of scoliosis