Awaken Your Life Force!
The Waking Energy Workshop with Jennifer Kries

San Diego, CA

10:30am-12:30pm & 2-5pm

Tuition: $395


10:30am-12:30pm & 2-5pm

*Open to all levels

 This workshop is also a "Pre-Training Module" for participants interested in pursuing a Waking Energy Teaching Certificate

It is the rare teacher who will lead you to a place beyond exercise ...

This exciting, transformative, multi-level workshop led by world-renowned Pilates pioneer,  fitness innovator and yogi, Jennifer Kries, will provide you with the tools to discover the immense power of your authentic self and cultivate true radiance.

 It’s Summer: Time to awaken your life force, light your inner fire!
Welcome to a new world of physical vitality, boundless energy, super-fitness, reduced stress, and peace of mind.
Jennifer Kries’ powerful mind-body-spirit practice, Waking Energy, draws from 5,000 years of ancient longevity and health secrets, an age-defying, immune-boosting, revitalizing synthesis that combines Qigong, Kundalini Yoga, the Five Tibetans, Yin Yoga and Meditation.
Tap into your body’s vital flow of energy and experience a joyful connection to yourself and a reserve of power, mobility, and clarity like never before!

Come learn
Waking Energy = Radiant, super-fit, stress-free and forever young!

  • How to recapture youthful mobility, flexibility and ease with accessible, effective and transformative Waking Energy practices
  • Enlivening Qigong, soothing, sensual, playful self-massage, and spine mobilization exercises to activate your body’s natural healing capacities
  • How to unleash your “Kundalini Shakti,” your divine life force through the simple, yet challenging Kundalini exercises that leave you feeling fluid, free and radiant
  • “Rites of Rejuvenation” the potent, time-saving series and timeless Tibetan secret and your very own “Fountain of Youth” to build overall strength and stamina, stimulate your chakras and supercharge your immune system
  • Long-held, deeply relaxing “stretching” poses to target the deeper connective tissue of the body, the fasciae, opening the meridians, (energy pathways) in your body,  helping you to restore and recharge your batteries. Go deeper into your “inner world” and explore your internal topography, liberating chronic holding patterns in the body and repressed emotions for an incredible catharsis and energized calm.
  • How to meditate and still the mind for an unparalleled feeling of tranquility and inner peace that informs everything you do in your life.

About Jennifer

An unparalleled innovator in the realm of health and fitness, 2nd Generation Classical Pilates teacher, dancer, choreographer, author, yoga devotee and lifestyle expert is an acclaimed guest lecturer and instructor at renowned educational health institutions and spa facilities worldwide. A true Pilates pioneer, Jennifer was the first to bring Pilates to the masses with her award-winning videos and DVDs, The Method Series, that revolutionized the fitness community and started the explosive wave of enthusiasm for Pilates mind-body exercise.



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