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Feeling The Difference With The Jennifer Kries Pilates Master Trainer Series DVD – The Mat

Pilates founder Joseph Pilates once said, “In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.”

Through a series of exercises that work to gradually build one’s core strength through breathing, balancing and stretching, exercisers from 8 to 80 have been able to master the techniques needed to become mentally and physically stronger. Pilates is one of the best ways to tone one’s body and maintain overall fitness.

While it can’t compete with the heart benefits of a good cardiovascular workout or the muscle building of weight training, Pilates has a place in one’s weekly workout routine. Serious devotees often feel they want to teach Pilates, sharing their talent with others. Jennifer Kries Pilates Master Trainer Series DVD – The Mat is one of the tools aspiring teachers use to perfect their skills.

Reviewers recommend Jennifer Kries Pilates Master Trainer Series DVD – The Mat for people who are considering teaching Pilates/yoga or who have completed their certification course and would like to hone the skills they’ve just learned.

The DVD is a sort of encyclopedia of the classical methods of Pilates/yoga, which can be rather insightful to have all in one place. Kries uses very precise, minimalist commands to guide her students, which many aspiring teachers say is very helpful as well. There is no fluff on these DVDs: it’s all about training, teaching, client safety, cuing, modifications and selecting the appropriate exercises.

Jennifer Kries Pilates Master Trainer Series DVD – The Mat sells for $99 and is one of five in the Master Trainer Series. This Pilates/yoga video may not be for basic fitness freaks who just want a good workout.

The pace and setting are far from extraordinary, so the at-home exerciser may feel the format is a bit tedious and dull. Of course, the instructor-in-training is appreciative that there are few distractions.

As of 2005, there were 11 million Americans practicing Pilates/yoga and 14,000 instructors in the U.S. Pilates was first developed by German-born Joseph Pilates to help soldiers returning from war with injuries.

Through a combination of Eastern philosophical thought involving focus and concentration, breathing techniques and precise, controlled movement, it was believed that people could heal their infirmities, while also strengthening muscles, flexibility and mental wellbeing.

Today, nearly every beautiful body on the catwalk owes some of their physique to Pilates training. The list of devotees includes Gwenyth Paltrow, Madonna, Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Aniston, Hugh Grant, John Cleese and onwards.

Become A Pilates Master Trainer

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis once commented, “Pilates is the only exercise program that has changed my body and made me feel great.” Those interested in training to become a Pilates master should start out with Jennifer Kries Pilates Master Trainer Series DVD – The Mat.

Jennifer Kries, the guide in the Jennifer Kries Pilates Master Trainer Series DVD – The Mat, has been featured in magazines like Pilates Style, Smart Fitness – Italy, Marie Claire, Golf Digest, Total Health, Fitness Magazine, Fit Magazine and Organic Spa.

Years Of Professional Experience On Instructional DVDs

Kries is a second generation Pilates/yoga instructor, as well as the owner/founder of the Hot Body Cool Mind studio in Philadelphia. She has trained under celebrity instructors like Romana Kryzanowska, Ron Fletcher and Eve Gentry.

After pursuing a dance and choreography career in New York, Kries became certified in Iyengar Yoga, Chi Gong and other yoga disciplines. She brings her years of professional experience and studying, as well as an English Pilates Method Degree, to these instructional DVDs.

Clear Demonstrations And Precise Verbal Cues

Yet many fans of her work say it’s her clear demonstrations and precise verbal cues that make this series truly enjoyable. Jennifer Kries Pilates Master Trainer Series DVD – The Mat has received positive reviews from yoga instructors on the web.

“Jennifer Kries’ Pilates Master Trainer DVD series is not intended to take the place of Pilates certification training. It is, however, an impressive and valuable resource for instructors and serious Pilates students,” writes reviewer and Pilates instructor Marguerite Ogle at www.about.com.

“A Relaxed And Confident Teaching Style”

Another reviewer, Beth Begelman over at www.pilatesdigest.com, comments, “Kries has a very relaxed and confident teaching style. She clearly knows the material and presents viewers excellent cueing techniques.

Kries offers succinct cueing options while also offering excellent tactile cues for instructors to use in guiding clients. The model for the series is Kim Reis who flawlessly demonstrates the exercises.”

Nicole Rogers, a yoga instructor and writer for Pilates Pro, wrote, “As someone who has been teaching for several years, I found the series to be an insightful review – refreshing my memory of a few exercises I rarely teach and giving me new cues and hands-on techniques I hadn’t seen or heard before.”

Yoga Uses Slow And Deliberate Actions

Newcomers to Jennifer Kries Pilates Master Trainer Series DVD – The Mat, and Pilates/yoga in general may find the pace of yoga to be a bit dull. People who generally fill their workouts with rigorous cardio or who have purchased other fitness videos like Taebo may be sorely disappointed. Yoga is a spiritual practice that uses slow, deliberate actions, while slowly toning and strengthening the body.

Those who are recovering from injury or are using Pilates as rehabilitation may need to stick with the videos consistently for awhile before starting to notice results. Despite these cons, this video is considered a “must have” for serious instructors.