June 2007

Jennifer Kries: Hot Body Cool Mind — Level 1
(True Mind Media), 2006

What is it?
Nearly 2-1/2 hours’ worth of mix-and-match, mind-body workout segments from Jennifer Kries. Some segments are stand-alone workouts, or you can choose from 7 different combinations. You get a quite a variety here — Qi Gong, Pilates, Yoga and dance.

Who is it for?
Beginning through intermediate exercisers. Although Kries is very thorough in her explanations, it helps if you’re familiar with Yoga, Pilates, and ballet and modern jazz dance terminology. You will need a mat, a sturdy chair and (optional) a Yoga block.

What to expect?
Jennifer Kries has taken the Pilates/ dance-based approach of her Method workout videos and infused it with a mind-spirit focus that enhances the workouts without ever compromising on the physical benefits. On this entry-level DVD, you’ll find 8 segments — a total of 148 minutes of exercise and instruction. There are seven different combinations for whatever you’re looking for — energizing, recharging, flexibility, tone, or a balance of elements. Most of the segments also stand on their own. The DVD starts off with two Qi Gong-type routines — 17 minutes of sitting moves (including a light “hammering” and slapping technique) and 13 minutes of standing moves to awaken your body. Next, Kries introduces you to the “5 Tibetans” — vigorous, Yoga-like moves meant to balance your chakras and tone your body. There’s a 34-minute beginner’s level, classic Pilates routine, a 22-minute flow Yoga segment, and a 21-minute restorative Yin-Yoga segment. And it wouldn’t be a Kries workout without a couple of light cardio dance routines. The Jazz and Ballet sections will tone your lower body while giving your heart rate a little bump. Kries refers frequently to meridians and Traditional Chinese medicine — concepts that may seem a bit strange to Westerners, but which form the basis of highly effective approaches to health and wellbeing in the East. If you are willing to keep an open mind, and open your body and spirit to the routines on this DVD, you’ll find yourself feeling stronger and more energetic in ways you’ve never imagined.

Jennifer Kries’ HOT BODY COOL MIND: THE LIFE FORCE POWER WORKOUT: WAKING ENERGY and her HOT BODY COOL MIND: LEVEL 1 each pack in powerful workouts from a Pilates expert who blends exercise with the healing arts of China, India and Tibet. Flexibility, stamina and relaxation come from calming ‘un-workouts’ which seek to replenish and restore rather than to challenge and force. LEVEL 1 is the first step, introducing a workout with all seven ‘hot”and ‘cool”specialty routines. WALKING ENERGY furthers the cause, with more routines: both are perfect picks for any fitness library.