Yoga Workshops

Yoga 101: Introduction for the Beginner

Start your yoga journey by learning the essentials so that the path ahead is clear! Whether you are an accomplished athlete and new to yoga, or a beginner exerciser, this workshop is the perfect introduction for you. 
Learn the foundational asanas, or yoga poses for the beginner, proper alignment, basic pranayama (breathing techniques) and cultivate self-confidence while you create space in the body and greater peace of mind. 
Jennifer will start the workshop with a brief introductory lecture on the tenets of Hatha yoga, as well as other specific schools of yoga, explaining the differences and the similarities, as well as the multitude of benefits one can experience from engaging in a consistent yoga practice. She will then lead the group in a beginner vinyasa (flowing) yoga practice with a brief introduction to meditation to close the practical segment of the workshop. Following the beginner practice, Jennifer will open the floor to a Q & A for all participants. 
No prior yoga experience required~ All levels welcome 

Intro to Kundalini Yoga Workshops
Kundalini yoga is an ancient form of yoga introduced to the West in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan. The Kundalini is untapped energy, prana at the base of the spine that can be drawn up through the body, awakening each of the seven chakras. Full enlightenment occurs when this energy reaches the Crown Chakra. Kundalini energy is often represented as a snake coiled at the base of the spine. Learn how each Kundalini Yoga asana series is done in conjunction with a specific breath that intensifies the effects of the poses with the purpose of freeing energy in the lower body and allowing it to move upwards. Kundalini sequences, called kriyas, may consist of rapid, repetitive movements done with breath or holding a pose while breathing in a particular way. In this Kundalini intro workshop, you will learn a warm-up to stretch the spine and improve flexibility, a sequence of poses that focuses on a specific area of the body, and meditation, including the use of chanted mantras, pranayama (breathing techniques) and mudras (specific hand positions). Learn how and why Kundalini is one of the more spiritual types of yoga. It goes beyond the physical performance of poses with its emphasis on breathing, meditation, and chanting; however, the Kundalini sequences can be quite demanding physically, challenging one’s perseverance and commitment to both the practice and how they live their lives off the mat as well. For this reason, Kundalini yoga can prove to be one of the most influential, life-shaping kinds of yoga, because it tends to accelerate the process of personal transformation if someone is open to the possibilities the practice affords. This type of yoga appeals to those who are up for both mental and physical challenges. No prior yoga experience required, but is certainly helpful~ All levels welcome 

How to Stay Strong in These Challenging Times with Yoga Workshops
Vinyasa yoga gives you nerves of steel. A strong nervous system will make us more resilient against stress and turn stress into exhilarating challenge. When our nerves are strong, stress can actually make us stronger, and strong nerves are the key to a radiant, powerful body. Learn how the practice of yoga can help to literally “burn” stress away, with “tapas”-the inner fire that is generated simply though the yoga asana practice and powerful breathing techniques. By heating the body through challenging asanas, you will learn to move through the body’s natural resistance to opening and expanding range of motion, expanding possibilities, both on the mat and in your life. In this workshop, Jennifer will guide you through a challenging, yet accessible yoga practice, including sun salutations, standing balances, spinal twists, backbends and inversions, all geared towards moving stress out, and inviting new prana to circulate in the body, leading to greater peace of mind and a sense of total well-being. 
~Those with a pre-requisite of at least 6 months of prior yoga training welcome 

Learning How to Breathe: The Art of Pranayama
Yoga begins with the breath. The breath leads the body and calms the mind. The breath stills the mind and heals the body. The yoga philosophy believes the breath to be the most important facet of health, as the breath is the largest source of prana, or life force. The science or control of breathing in yoga is called pranayama and is the technique that could be considered the “engine” behind moving the life force through the body and the vehicle that is most responsible for transformation in the body mind in the yogic realm. You will learn to breathe in a way that will profoundly influence your every day-the way your body functions, the way your mind works. Breathing is your ticket, your way to gain access to the meditative mind. In this informative workshop, learn the three basic kinds of essential breathing in yoga to take your practice to the next level: Ujjayi: the Scholar’s breath, a breath of concentration used to cultivate and circulate the body’s subtle internal energies, Kapalabhati: the breath of fire used to stimulate the body’s internal fire and stoke the flames that turn the body’s water sources into vapor or subtle energy that circulates through the body to create internal balance and harmony and Alternate nostril breathing; the meditative or reflective breath used to cool the body and tonify the kidneys used in meditation. When you are able to breathe deeply and completely, the breath itself becomes a gentle, catalytic force helping you to move into territories of your body you have never explored before. You don’t have to be a world traveler to be inspired, for once you truly learn how to breathe and explore your capabilities through yoga, your body’s topography and inner landscapes become the most exciting territories you could discover. Move through a multi-level yoga practice, with an emphasis on practicing the three kinds of yogic breathing techniques and engage in a brief meditation at the close of the practice. ~ All levels welcome 

Yoga Workshops for Couples & Friends:
Celebrate Connections of the Heart

In this wonderful workshop, bring someone you love and learn how to stretch and strengthen your bodies and minds together. Learn specific and effective hands-on techniques to assist and facilitate progress for your friends and loved ones in their yoga practice. We will focus primarily on heart-opening asanas, spinal twists and hip openers, targeting the 2nd Chakra, seat of creativity, the 3rd Chakra, the core of our will and selfhood, and the 4th Chakra, the center of love and compassion in honor of the theme of love and friendship. Celebrate love by nourishing your own body, mind and spirit and in turn, learning to cultivate greater appreciation and respect for the bodies and minds of your friends and loved ones. No massage training is necessary and a basic background in yoga is recommended, but not required.

~All levels welcome  
The Perfect Balance: Pilates and Yang Vinyasa Yoga Workshops
This groundbreaking workshop combines the core series from Joseph Pilates’ classical Mat work syllabus with a strong yoga practice to help you experience the “Perfect Balance.” Emphasizing movement initiated from the core, you will be able to experience greater stability, strength and power in your practice. You will learn to move through your asanas with greater strength, grace and effortlessness. In this two hour workshop, you will get a taste of how very important it is to develop a strong center in the quest for greater flexibility, overall strength and range of motion. Jennifer will start the workshop with a full 1 hour Pilates Mat workout and then guide the group through a well-rounded yoga practice, highlighting historical and practical features and applications of Pilates. You will have the opportunity to experience a yoga practice with the added power and benefit or Pilates mat work as a primer. Experience your own transformation! This practice will help you create the shape you were always intended to have and the body you desire: long, lean toned muscles, an extraordinarily high degree of abdominal strength and definition, enhanced overall muscular capacity, increased range of motion and flexibility, improved breathing, proper posture, reduced stress and peace of mind. Whether you have enjoyed the benefits of Pilates for years or are just discovering its genius, bring yourself into perfect balance with this wonderful workshop. Learn not only how to refine your skill, but how to truly enhance your understanding of your own body. 
This workshop is appropriate for new students as well as experienced practitioners.