Yin Yoga Retreats

Rediscover yourself and reclaim your power. 

Women, learn to reclaim your feminine power, and trust your intuition again as you calm your mind and heal your body. Men, embrace your maleness and get in touch with your female side as well, improving your interactions with other men and with women, as you learn to release stress and find tranquility in your body and mind. Yin yoga is the way … Yin Yoga is the vehicle that encourages you to give yourself permission to feel, so you can heal. 
Open and stimulate your body’s meridian system and increase your range of motion as you calm your mind with this deeply restorative and revitalizing practice. Long-held stretching poses encourage your body’s deep connective tissues to literally melt, restoring youthful joint mobility and ease of movement. Liberate chronic holding patterns and restrictions in the body and the mind for an unparalleled feeling of internal freedom and peace. Then go even deeper into your inner world with calming, centering meditation. 
Give yourself the gift of immersing yourself in Yin Yoga, the elixir, the soothing balm for the stress of our over-scheduled lives. Experience what can happen when you leave the demands of your life behind and dedicate yourself to consistent, daily practice of Yin Yoga and breathe your way into a new body and new peace of mind. 
The exercises in the yin practice are all designed to balance the Yin (female) and Yang (male) energies of our bodies, to provide the stillness, cool and calm that we all need so badly in the rush of our daily lives. 
What a gift really, to be able to sit still, stop time and return to the breath, to the pulse of perfect rhythm that exists in each one of us, the pulse that mimics nature’s own heartbeat, the beating of the rain on the roof, the whistle of the wind through the trees, the gentle breeze that ripples over the water’s surface, the sunlight that shines on us and warms our every cell. 
This rhythm is the conscious breath, the gift of perfect balance and harmony we can give ourselves when we carve out the time and space to listen to our inner voice that can only be heard when we surrender to the stillness and quiet that can be found on a Yin Yoga Retreat. 
Yin yoga is for everyone. It is “One Fitness for All”-one that enables you to heal yourself, and as you heal, you do your part to heal the world. 
A Yin Yoga retreat gives you a chance to put aside the concerns and demands of your everyday routine. By getting away from the noise and clutter of where ever you come from, you can begin to relax and open up. Removed from our daily activities and responsibilities, we learn to interrupt the habits of our conditioned patterns through compassionate attention, repeatedly uprooting and challenging ingrained reactivity and discontent, freeing us to live from a larger truth, from a more authentic clarity of being. 
Discover the magical sense of community that can develop as a Yin Yoga retreat progresses and see for yourself how lasting friendships can be born from this unique experience. 
The Yin Yoga Retreats are an opportunity to slow down, and to deepen your awareness of yourself, other people, and the world around you. They give you space to clarify what is essential in your life. Yin Yoga quiets the mind and heals the body, opening the door to a profound and life changing experience. 
For more specific information on the types of Yin Yoga Rereats Jennifer offers, please visit the Yin Yoga Workshops Page~Note that Yin Yoga Retreats can be offered as half-day, full day, three-day or week-long retreats for your facility or corporation.