Waking Energy Workshops

Join Jennifer and tap into your own fountain of youth! Learn how to cultivate boundless energy and find true peace of mind. Introduce yourself to Waking Energy, the all-new age-defying, immune-boosting, revitalizing synthesis that combines Chi-Gong, the 5 Tibetans and Yin Yoga. Learn the seamless flow … Enliven and awaken your chi with soothing self-massage and spine mobilization exercises as you learn to access your own energy resources and harness the energy that surrounds you. Then move on to the “Rites of Rejuvenation,” the ancient longevity secret from Tibet and gather your energy with long-held, deeply relaxing stretching poses. Energize, harmonize and balance your body’s meridian and chakra systems for increased vitality and total well-being. 
Waking Energy is all-new, powerful mind-body-spirit workout that combines 5,000 years of ancient longevity and health secrets. It is a magical combination of the quiet focused, energetic heaven and earth practice of Chi-Gong (QiGong), the allure and mystique of the 5 Tibetans, elemental movements that mimic the rotation of the earth, stirring and opening the major energy vortexes of the body, activating the chakra system and the nourishing, activating and rejuvenating beauty and simplicity of meridian stretches or Yin Yoga. 
When you practice waking and collecting energy exercises, you will actually feel energy awakening within your own body! You will bring energy toward yourself as you harvest and gather chi, your life force— from the earth, from the trees, the flowers, the plants and everything that grows and breathes upon it. You will learn to “harness” the energy of the universe and literally “funnel” it into your own body to activate your body’s natural capabilities and reserves to promote healing and balance. 
Every moment in a Chi-Gong, 5 Tibetans or Yin session involves deep breathing and total mind-body intention, leading to an ever-deepening awareness of our inner landscape and helping us return to a more natural rhythm. When we are able to find a kind of calm and stillness within, we are able to cultivate something called “defensive chi”-protective energy that boosts our immune systems to defy age and improve our overall health and well-being. 
How do you harness the energy of the universe? How can you bring energy toward yourself from earth and the sky? Learn how you can become the fountain and the ultimate source of all of the boundless energy you will ever need to live healthfully and longer, more instinctively and naturally, with less stress and more vitality … all of the energy you will ever need walk, think, work, run, reach, bend, garden, make love, play. You will boost your metabolism and super-charge your immune system. The glow of good health and energy will grow beyond your waking energy workouts and continue to grow exponentially. Enough for you to look hot and incredibly fit to feel cool and confident to empower your body, energize and enliven your mind. 
All levels welcome~ 

Waking Energy Workshops Components Series:
I. Waking Energy Standing: Qigong
II. Waking Energy for the Chakras: The 5 Tibetans
III. Waking Energy for the Meridian System: Yin Yoga
This workshop series can be taken either as a collection, or individually, as single components. 

Waking Energy Standing Workshop: Qigong
Qigong: Qigong means energy mastery or the skill of attracting vital energy. 
“Qi” or Chi means air, breath of life, or vital energy of the body, and “gong” means the skill of working with or achievement. Qigong is a flowing heaven and earth practice that enhances your body’s natural energy potential by supercharging it with “universal chi”-the energy that surrounds you as you awaken and channel the energy within your own body to create a powerful internal awareness, balance and peace of mind. Playful and sensual self-massage, tapping, rubbing and spinal mobilization techniques release powerful energy that results in a heightened awareness of the body, the breath and one’s capabilities. Qigong reduces stress, builds stamina, increases vitality and enhances the immune system. It also improves cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions. 
In this workshop, learn the flowing heaven and earth Chi-Gong and “Makko-Ho” (meridian stretch) dance that teaches you to integrate breath and movement and harness the energy around you. Learn to draw energy up from the earth through the “bubbling spring” points in your feet and pull energy down from the skies above through your crown and lao-gung points in your hands. Enhance your body’s natural energy potential by supercharging it with universal chi-the energy that surrounds you as you awaken and channel the energy within your own body to create a powerful internal awareness, balance and peace of mind. 
Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit with this eye-opening practice of invigorating, muscle-soothing Chi-Gong and “Bone Marrow Nei-Kung” (pronounced Nay Koong) performed on a stool or a chair. Learn the energizing techniques that masters have practiced in a seated position for millennia to enliven and awaken their chi to reduce stress and promote balance and harmony in the body. Study self-massage and spine mobilization techniques, and learn how to “tap your Celestial Drum,” and your thymus gland for increased immunity and total well-being. 
All levels welcome~ 

Waking Energy Workshops for the Chakras: The 5 Tibetans
Whether you are new to yoga, or an experienced practitioner, this workshop will provide you with a detailed and thorough introduction to this remarkably powerful series, as well as a background explanation of the Chakras and how The 5 Tibetans balances them. This potent, time-saving series also called the “Rites of Rejuvenation,” are an ancient secret discovered in the late ’30s by a British naval officer Peter Kelder, who learned the exercises from Tibetan lamas in the Himalayas who retained their youthful vigor well into their old age. The 5 Tibetans are so powerful that they are purported to hold the secret to the fountain of youth. They defy age by toning and conditioning the outer body as they restore balanced movement in the chakras, or spinning wheels of energy in the body, clearing energy blockages and balancing the body’s organ systems that are connected to them and restoring them to health. The end result? Total body balancing, strengthening, awakening, age-defying, revitalizing and super-immune boosting, and an undeniable outer glow. 
All levels welcome~ 

Waking Energy Workshops for the Meridian System: Yin Yoga
Whereas the yoga most people are familiar with works with the muscles or “yang” tissues of the body, yin yoga targets the more interior supportive structures-the fasciae. Come learn poses like the dragonfly, seal and pigeon, which are designed to stretch and revitalize the deeper connective tissue in every part of the body, stimulating the meridians which connect to vital organs and help to restore balance and harmony in your body systems. This “needle-less” form of acupuncture will leave you feeling calm and energized at the same time. Learn how to execute long-held, deeply relaxing and at times, challenging stretching poses, combined with deep, focused breathing that encourage you to tune in and listen to your body. Learn how the poses stimulate and open the meridians, restoring youthful joint mobility as you quietly harmonize your body and mind, recharging your batteries. Discover the power of the breath and your intention. Find stillness, and go deeper into your inner world. Explore your internal “topography” and liberate chronic holding patterns in the body as you uncover repressed emotions and allow them to come into consciousness. 
In this workshop, you will come to understand that every experience we have in life is “recorded” on the body, in the actual fasciae and muscles of the body, and the yin poses themselves literally help the body to uncover these held emotions, which over time, manifest as stagnant energy and chronic pain or discomfort. When attention, breath and focus is placed on the body and the hidden emotions that are held there, the body is given the opportunity to “unwind,” to unburden and liberate itself from these held emotions and feelings that have been kept hidden. These held feelings and sensations are then brought to the surface, and into “consciousness,” so that they can be moved out of the body mind, with the breath, thus creating more space for new energy, awareness, positive thought, pleasant sensations and new possibilities in life. Yin yoga results in an incredible catharsis, physical and spiritual “spaciousness” in the body and mind, and an unparalleled feeling of “energized” calm. 
All levels welcome~

How Waking Energy Workshops Work:
You and Nature – There is No Separation
In this workshop, come to understand that we are microcosmic versions of the planet we inhabit, that there is no separation between us and the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. 
Through an experiential sampling of the Waking Energy components, and a thorough explanation of how Waking Energy works, learn how you can access your body’s own energetic resources and harness universal energy to feel closer to yourself and nature. The meridians, like rivers of energy, ensure proper nurturing of chi or life force throughout your whole being. When you are healthy, the flow of chi proceeds unimpeded, like the water in a free-running river, and energy is well distributed throughout the meridian pathways. When the river, or meridian, is blocked for some reason, the chi is prevented from reaching the specific area it is supposed to nurture. The result is that the cells, tissue or organs in the affected area will suffer. Waking Energy teaches us to tap into the energy that naturally exists in our own bodies and to “harness” the Chi that exists around us, called “universal chi,” to literally get the “rivers” flowing again—so that we can strengthen our internal system to fend off the negative, deleterious energies that swirl around us in our environment. In so doing, we cultivate a deepening respect for ourselves and our bodies and learn to live more in tune with nature, raising our consciousness about the world around us and how it deserves our respect and gratitude for sustaining us. In the process of learning to heal ourselves and the incredible life-changing benefits it affords us, we are moved to heal the world around us. 
Welcome to Waking Energy! 
Your journey to the fountain of youth and boundless energy, reduced stress and peace of mind begins here … 

Waking Energy Workshops for Life Balance:
The Magical Elixir and Antidote
In this workshop, learn how Waking energy will be your tonic, the magical elixir, the antidote to today’s stressful, cell-phoning, multi-tasking “modern” world. 
Aside from making you feel great and more enlivened, Waking Energy literally teaches you to tap into the energy that exists in our own bodies and to “harness” the Chi that exists around us, called “universal chi,” to boost your immunity and cultivate the inner “power” to feel better, look better and to protect ourselves from the many stressors we have to cope with in our daily lives. 
In today’s world, with industrial toxins, genetically engineered foods, reduced ozone and mineral depletion in our soils, the surplus of electromagnetic radiation with cell phones, blackberries, and new adjuncts to our ever-expanding technologically dominated world, there are myriad sources of distraction and a real cause for concern. Our excessive multi-tasking, ingestion of caffeine, alcohol and fast foods, and sedentary lifestyles lead to a condition in Chinese medicine called “excess heat,” which leads to indigestion, heartburn, headaches and chronic joint conditions such as arthritis and early on-set osteoporosis, heart disease, and the list sadly goes on and on. What we need is “cool.” We need modalities that literally help us to leave the world of intense distraction and multi-tasking, stress and heat-producing activities behind. We need to engage in mind-body movement that both heats the body and then cools it. We need balance. We need to learn to live defensively and to find modalities that increase our ability to cultivate a new kind of consciousness and enable us to live more holistically. This synergistic blend of elements in my new Hot Body Cool Mind and Jennifer Kries DVD series, combines both yang (hot) and yin (cool) segments with workouts that balance and harmonize the body’s energy systems, creating strong chi which provides a powerful antidote to the stressful aspects of today’s modern world. 
Experience a sampling of Waking Energy components after an explanatory lecture, followed by a Q&A session and come to understand the remarkable benefits of Waking Energy for yourself! 
All levels welcome~