Waking Energy Teacher Training

Welcome to a new world of physical vitality where you have boundless energy, where you are super-fit, stress free and you’ll be forever young! Learn to spread the magic of the work to others! 

Learn to teach Waking Energy and empower yourself as you help to empower others. 
Now you can have access to the essential tools that will enable you to harness the vital flow of energy and share it with the world! 
Make your own contribution to the betterment of humanity and the planet with Waking Energy. 
Jennifer’s Waking Energy teacher training will enable you to teach the all-new, powerful mind-body-spirit workout that combines 5,000 years of ancient longevity and health secrets. Learn how to master the magical combination of the quiet focused, energetic heaven and earth practice of Chi-Gong (QiGong), the allure and mystique of the 5 Tibetans, elemental movements that mimic the rotation of the earth, stirring and opening the major energy vortexes of the body, activating the chakra system and the nourishing, activating and rejuvenating beauty and simplicity of meridian stretches or Yin Yoga. 
Learn how to teach people that they can feel energy awakening within their own bodies! Teach them how to bring energy toward themselves as they harvest and gather chi, their life force— from the earth, from the trees, the flower, the plants and everything that grows and breathes upon it. Teach them how to “harness” the energy of the universe and literally “funnel” it into their own bodies to activate their body’s natural capabilities and reserves to promote healing and balance. 
Experience the incredible gratification that comes from sharing a healing secret with others. Jennifer’s Waking Energy teacher training will allow you to teach people how they can become the fountain and the ultimate source of all of the boundless energy they will ever need to live healthfully and longer, more instinctively and naturally, with less stress and more vitality … all of the energy they will ever need walk, think, work, run, reach, bend, garden, make love, play. Teach them how Waking Energy will boost their metabolism and super-charge their immune system. Explain how the glow of good health and energy will grow beyond their waking energy workouts and continue to grow exponentially. 
Explain that they will look hot and feel incredibly fit, feel cool and confident empowered, energized and alive! 

Waking Energy Teacher Training Apprenticeship
Apprenticeship is the core of Jennifer’s Waking Energy program and the time and place where learning the art of teaching Waking Energy truly begins. Trainees apprentice for a total of 200 hours and log their time, and this consists specifically of 100 hours of observation and practice with Jennifer’s DVDs or taking class with Jennifer, and 100 hours of assistant teaching and solo teaching, leading group classes. Apprenticeship provides for an opportunity to hone the skills acquired during the intensive: observation, communication techniques, and finally “hands-on” work in a professional environment. The apprenticeship is richly rewarding, and combined with dedication and practice will prepare you for your teaching career. In becoming a part of the Waking Energy Certification, you become a part of history, committed to the work of ancient masters and do your part to uphold the standard of excellence established, honoring the work of movement scientists of yesterday and today, helping others to become better people, to discover what it means to establish a balanced lifestyle through unity of body and mind and communion with nature. 
~The Waking Energy Teacher Training Program is open to both students wishing to deepen their practice and understanding of Waking Energy, and to those people who want to pursue a certification. For more information on the Waking Energy Teacher Training Schedule and Fees, please email info@jenniferkries.com