Waking Energy Retreats

Restore * Recharge* Renew

Remove yourself from the daily grind and the stresses of your over-scheduled life! Immerse yourself in breath and movement and energy … Waking Energy. Find yourself again. 
Awaken your life force! Stoke your “inner fire!” Defy age, cultivate boundless energy and find peace of mind. Waking Energy retreats are Jennifer’s all-new, powerful mind-body-spirit experience that combines 5,000 years of ancient longevity and health secrets, an age- defying, immune boosting, revitalizing synthesis that combines Qigong, the 5 Tibetans and Yin Yoga.Participants in Jennifer’s Waking Energy retreats will learn how to tap into the body’s vital flow of energy and experience a joyful connection to life and a reserve of power, mobility and clarity like never before. Introduce yourself to the accessible and effective Waking Energy components and refine your practice, as you enjoy a narrative on Meridian Theory and the Chakra system that adds essential meaning to the practices. Learn the seamless flow … Enliven and awaken your chi with Qigong, soothing self-massage and spine mobilization exercises to activate your body’s natural healing capabilities. Then move on to The 5 Tibetans, the “Rites of Rejuvenation,” and build overall strength and stamina with the ancient longevity secret that stimulates the chakra system, and finally recharge your batteries and harmonize your meridian system with long-held, deeply rejuvenating Yin yoga poses. 
Become radiant, super-fit, stress-free and forever young! 
Experience the power of your intention and focus and reap immediate rewards. Discover why Waking Energy is the catalyst for inspiration and real change in our lives. 
When you practice waking and collecting energy exercises, you will actually feel energy awakening within your own body! Learn how to bring energy toward yourself as you harvest and gather chi, your life force— from the earth, from the trees, the flower, the plants and everything that grows and breathes upon it. Learn to “harness” the energy of the universe and literally “funnel” it into your own body to activate your body’s natural capabilities and reserves to promote healing and balance. 
Let Jennifer teach you how you can become the fountain and the ultimate source of all of the boundless energy you will ever need to live healthfully and longer, more instinctively and naturally, with less stress and more vitality. Boost your metabolism and super-charge your immune system. The glow of good health and energy will grow beyond your Waking Energy workouts and continue to grow exponentially–enough for you to look hot and incredibly fit to feel cool and confident to empower your body, energize and enliven your mind. 
“The Waking Energy Retreat” provides a focused opportunity to learn and strengthen new practices which can lead us to a “shift in perception,’ thereby changing our relationship with life and the world around us, leading us to discover our deeper nature where we can find greater peace and well-being. The body is the most powerful and immediate “inroad” to change, and the Waking Energy Retreat is the perfect vehicle to help you move forward! Give yourself the gift of an immersion in Waking Energy and enter a new world where you are able to recharge, rejuvenate and enrich your life. 
Offered in a semi-private setting, the Waking Energy retreat means highly personalized, specific cueing and instruction from a master instructor for your body and your needs, insuring that you learn proper alignment, breathing techniques and a way to move safely and securely toward your goals. Mark your progress and see more immediate results in an intimate, nurturing, inspiring environment where you are seen, acknowledged and encouraged. Give yourself the opportunity to witness your own transformation by dedicating yourself to a consistent daily ritual of self-care and growth. Go deeper and refine your practice while in the company of a few, like-minded others; set this special time aside for yourself and reap the myriad benefits that come as a result. 
Studies have shown that change happens optimally when the body is presented with consistent conditions, a kind of “comfort zone” of repetition. The body and mind then work together given that familiar “challenge” and the body can more successfully respond to the familiar stimuli and evolve. The result is that you start to inhabit your best personal self– and the outward reflection of your efforts is the beautiful shape you were always intended to have! Cultivate boundless energy, peace of mind and confidence! When you dedicate yourself to YOU, the rewards are endless … 
On A Waking Energy retreat, in the process of learning to heal ourselves and the incredible life-changing benefits it affords us, we are moved to heal the world around us. 
Welcome to Waking Energy! One Fitness for All! 
Your journey to the fountain of youth and boundless energy, reduced stress and peace of mind begins here…
For more information on the different types of Waking Energy Retreats Jennifer offers, please visit the Waking Energy Workshops Page.