Teacher Training Components

The Waking Energy Teacher Trainee will become well-versed in all three aspects of the technique: Qigong, the movement series and self-massage, The 5 Tibetans and Yin Yoga, as well as “subtle-energy anatomy,” the meridian system and theory as well as the chakra system and its workings. Trainees will not only refine their own understanding of Waking Energy, but will exit the course with the ability to pass the work on to others in an effective and inspiring way. 
Waking Energy Standing: Qigong
Qigong: Qigong means energy mastery or the skill of attracting vital energy. 
“Qi” or Chi means air, breath of life, or vital energy of the body, and “gong” means the skill of working with or achievement. Qigong is a flowing heaven and earth practice that enhances your body’s natural energy potential by supercharging it with “universal chi”-the energy that surrounds you as you awaken and channel the energy within your own body to create a powerful internal awareness, balance and peace of mind. Playful and sensual self-massage, tapping, rubbing and spinal mobilization techniques release powerful energy that results in a heightened awareness of the body, the breath and one’s capabilities. Qigong reduces stress, builds stamina, increases vitality and enhances the immune system. It also improves cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions. 
In the Waking Energy Teacher Training course, learn the flowing heaven and earth Chi-Gong and “Makko-Ho” (meridian stretch) dance that teaches you to integrate breath and movement and harness the energy around you. Learn to draw energy up from the earth through the “bubbling spring” points in your feet and pull energy down from the skies above through your crown and lao-gung points in your hands. Enhance your body’s natural energy potential by supercharging it with universal chi-the energy that surrounds you as you awaken and channel the energy within your own body to create a powerful internal awareness, balance and peace of mind. 
Waking Energy for the Chakras: The 5 Tibetans
Whether you are new to yoga, or an experienced practitioner, the Waking Energy Teacher Training program will provide you with a detailed and thorough introduction to this remarkably powerful series, as well as a background explanation of the Chakras and how The 5 Tibetans balances them. This potent, time-saving series also called the “Rites of Rejuvenation,” are an ancient secret discovered in the late ’30s by a British naval officer Peter Kelder, who learned the exercises from Tibetan lamas in the Himalayas who retained their youthful vigor well into their old age. The 5 Tibetans are so powerful that they are purported to hold the secret to the fountain of youth. They defy age by toning and conditioning the outer body as they restore balanced movement in the chakras, or spinning wheels of energy in the body, clearing energy blockages and balancing the body’s organ systems that are connected to them and restoring them to health. The end result? Total body balancing, strengthening, awakening, age-defying, revitalizing and super-immune boosting, and an undeniable outer glow.
Waking Energy for the Meridian System: Yin Yoga
Come learn how to teach poses like the dragonfly, seal and pigeon, which are designed to stretch and revitalize the deeper connective tissue in every part of the body, stimulating the meridians which connect to vital organs and help to restore balance and harmony in your body systems. This “needle-less” form of acupuncture will leave you feeling calm and energized at the same time. Learn how to teach long-held, deeply relaxing and at times, challenging stretching poses, combined with deep, focused breathing that encourage you to tune in and listen to your body. Learn how to teach your students how the poses stimulate and open the meridians, restoring youthful joint mobility as you quietly harmonize your body and mind, recharging your batteries. Discover the power of the breath and your intention. Teach your students how to find stillness, and go deeper into their inner world. Teach them how to explore their internal “topography” and liberate chronic holding patterns in the body as they uncover repressed emotions and allow them to come into consciousness. 
As a teacher-in-training, you will come to understand that every experience we have in life is “recorded” on the body, in the actual fasciae and muscles of the body, and the yin poses themselves literally help the body to uncover these held emotions, which over time, manifest as stagnant energy and chronic pain or discomfort. When attention, breath and focus is placed on the body and the hidden emotions that are held there, the body is given the opportunity to “unwind,” to unburden and liberate itself from these held emotions and feelings that have been kept hidden. These held feelings and sensations are then brought to the surface, and into “consciousness,” so that they can be moved out of the body mind, with the breath, thus creating more space for new energy, awareness, positive thought, pleasant sensations and new possibilities in life. Yin yoga results in an incredible catharsis, physical and spiritual “spaciousness” in the body and mind, and an unparalleled feeling of “energized” calm.