The Hands-On Workshop: Health, Communication & Healing Through Touch

With this comprehensive approach, you will:

Through practice on your colleagues, learn the importance of giving and receiving feedback.

  • Learn what it means to administer the firm but gentle, intentional, instructional touch
  • Sharpen your skills of intuition and perception as it regards interacting with your clients and peers
  • Study the issue of boundaries; when to touch, how to touch, what touch means, appropriate vs. inappropriate contact
  • Learn how to position your body in relation to the apparatus you are working on and actually learn to use your body as a leveraging tool to preserve and even strengthen your body as you administer care and attention to your clients
  • Review key exercises on each and every apparatus in the Pilates repertoire, from mat to the barrel!
  • Build confidence and improve the overall quality of your teaching in one weekend!  

This workshop is open to Pilates instructors, body-workers and anyone wishing to enhance his or her knowledge of "hands-on" approaches to increase the overall efficacy and psychophysical understanding of the syllabus exercises within the context of the Pilates technique. A background in anatomy is helpful, but not required and it is recommended that participants be in a state of reasonable physical fitness in consideration of this workshop, or any other given through Jennifer Kries's Pilates Method Training program. Some Pilates training is required, the suggested number of hours of exposure to the Pilates technique for this workshop is 20.