Jennifer’s guidance has proved to be a truly significant, transformational force in my life. Along with the physical benefit, I have also reaped many spiritual rewards from his work. I have accessed a repository of power that has changed my life. To be guided into fully inhabiting my body has required the expertise, strength and insight that Jennifer so masterfully and sensitively offers.

~Jeanne Tripplehorn


Ms Kries is a fantastically knowledgeable, as well as a gifted and inspiring teacher. Not only is she a natural born instructor, but for everyone who has the privilege of coming in contact with her, a life-changing catalyst!

~Gabriel Byrne


Jennifer Kries is a master and a sage. Although I practiced Pilates for five years prior to meeting her, I never felt so challenged, so inspired to work, nor so enlightened as to my body’s potential. I have come to seek––and on my good days attain––a level of greatness and depth of understanding that Jennifer is responsible for sparking in me. She is truly special, and I credit her with transforming the relationship that I have with my own body, while catalyzing for me the marked elevation of my own practice.  Her passionate work as a dancer, her keen knowledge of Eastern healing practices, and her penetrating wisdom of anatomy inform every layer of her teaching, and infuse every verbal cue, every direction she so brilliantly transmits. Her eye is precise beyond measure, in that she is able to read the body in a way that continues to astound. Her belief in focused and meticulous work is coupled with her exquisite command of language in the imparting of her lessons. These gifts yield an uncanny insight into the distinct physical needs and mental make-ups of each of her clients. It is exactly this insight, and Jennifer’s overwhelming genius in the field, that make her one of an elite echelon of teachers.

~Maggie Lyon

Working with Jennifer Kries and the Jennifer Kries Pilates Method has been a life changing and very rewarding experience for me.  Not only has my own body benefited enormously from my work with Jennifer, but she has helped me to assist others by mentoring me as a teacher.  Jennifer is a phenomenal, very intelligent and articulate woman with years of experience and a true gift for teaching teachers.  She and her teacher training have helped transition me from my hectic business background to the wonderful, fulfilling world of helping others achieve their Pilates evolved bodies!  

My studio is in a resort area, and many of our summer clients winter around the world and have been exposed to Pilates in many different places.  I have received a wide variety of wonderful compliments on my teaching from these clients, which is a monumental testament to Jennifer’s teacher training.  Her intensives and workshops are the very best available anywhere.  Jennifer emphasizes verbal queuing, the purpose of each exercise, and proper application of each movement, with important modifications, so that we, as teachers, will become proficient at applying and tailoring a program for any client that seeks our instruction.  This is the essence of Joseph Pilates’ life work.  I have never met anyone like Jennifer.  How does such a young person have such a wise and old soul?  Many thanks Jennifer, for your commitment to imparting your knowledge in such an uplifting and nurturing way, while still challenging us to strive for excellence.

~Jan Tirony
Certified Pilates Instructor – Jennifer Kries’ Pilates Method
Owner of Pilates Midwest, Petoskey, Michigan


Jennifer Kries’ teacher training intensive is one of the best educational programs I have ever experienced in my life.   I attended the training having very little experience teaching on the equipment and was insecure in my teaching abilities and left with a tremendous amount of confidence to teach clients at all levels.  Not only did I grow as an instructor, but my body and posture changed throughout the week because of Jennifer’s transformational teaching!  I also observed senior teachers learn and grow in their ability to really challenge their clients.  Jennifer has the unique gift of teaching students at any level to become superb teachers and challenge their clients.  Jennifer is extremely articulate and very intelligent, yet has the ability to nurture you through a very intense week.  She truly is a Master teacher and keeps authentic classical Pilates alive!

~Erin Galsterer

I have taken three intensives with Jennifer, and with each intensive my understanding of the Pilates repertoire has deepened and my teaching has energized. Jennifer’s knowledge, graciousness, and focus are second to none. Additionally, she provides an environment conducive to learning that is hands-on. Being a part of a training with Jennifer is always positive, challenging and rewarding, in addition to being a lot of fun. It is such an advantage for me to have that connection. I always leave with inspiration and renewed clarity.

~Candy Kinsey, PMA-CPT
Owner, Pilates on the Southside
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Hi Jennifer!
Your Reformer DVD was a godsend to me when I was studying for my practical test.  I was blown away by it, to tell you the truth!  I had been doing Pilates for 13 years before starting the certification process, but found that the most difficult part in making the transition to teaching, was getting comfortable with effective, simple cueing, and how to guide the client in the most graceful way on the equipment.  Your DVD could not have been more helpful, not only for my testing out, but for making me a much better instructor.  There is nothing else like it on the market and refer to it often.  I am so happy to have the opportunity to communicate with you directly and thank you for your work!

~Barbara Kornreich

Jennifer’s method of teaching principles of movement and language are unparalleled. She is able to instruct a class at all levels, as well as reach each each individual. This latest training has added several new layers to my teaching and personal pilates practice. Jennifer’s precise cueing, intuitive hands-on, and ability to take one to the next level of insight is inspiring. The Intensive Training brought many overriding principle to light as we studied the mat and apparatus methods. I have come away with a fresh and deeper appreciation for Pilates and its myriad benefits for clients as well as myself. Jennifer’s teacher training is detailed and extensive, yet transformative in her ability to enlighten her students. Jennifer, thank you for sharing your energy, knowledge, and continued growth with us. I look forward to taking more classes…..I cannot get enough!

~Charisse Tjetien, Certified Pilates Instructor, Pilates Midwest

I had the pleasure of attending Jennifer’s workshop New Body Pilates Discover Your Core Power and Radiance from Within at Kripalu. I have been a Pilates aficionado for 13 years and a  STOTT Certified Pilates instructor for over 10 years.  During this time I have had many instructors including instructor trainers and found Jennifer to be one of the best instructors I had ever had. She blends her Pilates expertise with her yoga training resulting in a very precise but gentle approach to the work. But the connection made with Jennifer  was on more of a personal level.  She had a way of making everyone feel  she really cared whether we got the material and benefited from it for our body type. This is particularly challenging since the participants had a broad range of experience, from novices to instructors with a lot of experience.  She was able to provide something for everyone. Her passion and excitement  for the work was contagious and I found I was able to rekindle my own flame and enthusiasm for the work at  a whole new level.

~Myra Green


During my Pilates Retreat weekend at Kripalu on June 24-26th with Jennifer Kries, I was transported to whole new level of awareness concerning the various aspects of Pilates through Jennifer’s wonderful teaching. She is articulate, funny, incredibly knowledgeable, and made the Pilates experience such an enjoyable one for me.  Besides Jennifer’s amazing teaching ability, she empowered me to reach for that next rung in life; she gave me the inspiration and the motivation to continue pursuing my dream.

~Charlotte Hiller


Jennifer Kries is a remarkable teacher who connected with each of us. We didn’t begin our “New Body Pilates Discover Your Core Power and Radiance from Within” weekend with a work-out, instead Jennifer asked each of us to talk about our Pilates & yoga experience, any limitations we might have, and most interesting of all – we each explained what “core power” and “radiance” meant to us.  That set the tone for the rest of the weekend. We were one group, but Jennifer knew us individually, and even though our ability levels were very diverse, somehow with her “effortless effort,” Jennifer transformed our group into a team. We all were challenged and motivated, we laughed, we applauded each other’s triumphs, we helped each other, and we truly experienced what radiance feels like, from the inside out! Jennifer is more than an instructor, she is a master. I look forward to being at another workshop soon so I can continue to grow and glow with Jennifer Kries.  Hopefully future workshops will be longer in duration and incorporate more of Jennifer’s Waking Energy work.

~Ann M. Gardner   


I came to Kripalu for the first time in the fall of 2010 when I discovered that Jennifer was going to be teaching there.  I had never met Jennifer but she trains my summer Pilates instructor in Petoskey, Michigan, who raves about her and the work they do together. We had such a good time, that when we heard Jennifer was coming back, we signed up again.  On this trip we brought our Pilates instructor from Cambridge, MA, Myra Green, whom I felt could benefit from the pure Classical Pilates which Jennifer teaches, and the force of her personality.
Once again, we were inspired by Jennifer.  She took a roomful of strangers from around the country and was able to connect with each of us personally in a way which stimulated us to incorporate her teachings about the mind and body into our own lives.  I feel like I’m becoming a Jennifer “groupie.” I would jump at the chance to participate in another workshop and am especially interested in being introduced to Jennifer’s Waking Energy work!

~Alene Lipshaw

I have been an athlete my entire life.  I am strong and powerful and determined to win.  I have also always been at war with my weight.
When it grew out of control, earning redemption through “sweat equity” seemed to be the only answer that made any sense. For more than two years, I worked my tail off in the gym.  My trainer was the best I could find and I was a star student.  There was nothing he could ask me to do that I wouldn’t complete.  Over and over again, day in and day out.  And the dread of that workout combined with the resulting exhaustion was all consuming.  Yet nothing changed.
And then I met Jennifer Kries.  She became a true teacher, my role model and a giver of life in every sense.

As I began to slowly develop a relationship and a trust with not only the exercises she was asking me to do in the form of Pilates, but also the deeply healing breathing and meditative practices, I felt a transformative shift taking place in my life.

Instead of dreading a daily workout, I was looking forward to the hour with myself – in the way I would have previously looked forward to something as indulgent as a spa treatment!  I started to understand the imperative luxury of actually taking time each day to breath deeply.  To think clearly and only about what you want to think about.  To reconnect with who you are and where you want to go.  To live in the moment.  To not miss a thing.  

In the course of learning the “100” and the “Pull up” through developing physical core strength, Jennifer was also teaching me about balance.  No more hurling through the day “trying to get a workout in.”  And the act of conscious breathing became something I could no longer live without.

The Hot Body Cool Mind philosophies that Jennifer teaches are a Yin Yang balance that offers great guidance for the body in striving for true strength while respecting your internal compass.
For me, the Yin Yoga in particular was a unique and unexpected opportunity to go deep within my mind body and discover what I was actually capable of.  Beginning a practice always with a hint of trepidation – do I have the time or patience for this today? – but soon becoming engulfed in the quiet, restorative and soothing journey Jennifer takes you on; it is time and time again the most worthwhile investment I can make in myself.  

While practicing the combination of Pilates and Yin, my body feels as if it is functioning exactly as it should be – as it craves to be during all other times of the day.  Circulation of energy and the breath creates a state of peace while the tissues of the body are allowed to stretch and blood pumps with a purpose!

Jennifer leads you through this act of restoration with a guiding voice, helping hand and light of wisdom that is unlike any other.  Her guidance is captivating and awe inspiring – pushing you to be better and work harder while maintaining a sense of integrity to the gentle nature of the intention set before the practice ever begins.  Her gift of spiritual and physical leadership is unsurpassed – a rare and touching experience that leaves her students craving more.

There were other lessons along the way as I was led on a path of making peace with why I had been so mean to myself and what void I was feeding through an un-wholesome diet and negative exercise.  But through Jennifer’s teachings and example, my body had also become something I cared for and wanted to nourish, so eating took on a different capacity and being healthy was a new instinct that began to flourish naturally.

The Hot Body Cool Mind work with Jennifer literally saved my life.  It awakened me through deep introspection and provided essential endorphins I could actually enjoy; it rescued me from myself.  Under Jennifer’s guidance and through the great balancing techniques she teaches, I became mentally, physically and spiritually whole.  

And after losing more than 40 pounds of weight that was heavy in so many ways, I became pregnant. My amazing body is completely in love with the growing baby inside and in a very tangible way, I now have the confidence to love the core of my very being and everything I am capable of.  I am in a state of grace, at peace with my energy, my perspective on life and authentically satisfied with me.  I believe I have conquered the fundamental mystery – by relishing in the simple abundance of Jennifer’s life altering, transformative mind-body work, I am no longer afraid of change.  I am happy in the purest way possible.  There is great contentment in embracing the circle of life, and I have Jennifer to thank for this.

~Janine Berstein