Teacher Training

Lifestyle & Integrated Wellness Teacher Training

Learn to teach integrated wellness modalities that have the power to transform. Do your part to inspire others and make the world a better place, as you literally heal yourself. 
Jennifer’s Pilates Teacher Training and Waking Energy Teacher Training Courses are the very vehicles for this change. 
Study with Jennifer, a 2nd Generation Master Pilates Instructor and learn how to become a superlative Pilates teacher, becoming the recipient of her twenty-plus years of experience in the field and hard-won wisdom that will serve you as you cultivate and hone your skill as a Pilates practitioner. 
Come see why Jennifer Kries’s Pilates Method is the most sophisticated approach to authentic, classical Pilates and mind-body fitness today. How it is a perfect fusion of the western requirement of the body as “ultimate machine” with the deeply satisfying, restorative, enlightening, mind-body-spirit philosophy of yoga and the east. 
Jennifer’s Pilates Teacher Training is one of the finest and most comprehensive training programs for Pilates today. Learn the art of teaching with an emphasis on communication and human psychology as the foundation for superlative teaching that has the potential to truly transform!? Learn the whys and wherefores of The Pilates Method, its history from Joseph H. Pilates to the present. 
Come to understand how Jennifer’s Pilates program goes well beyond Pilates training and introduces the teacher trainee to the concept of integrated wellness training, education that teaches the practitioner that there truly is no separation between mind, body and spirit and that investing in a modality that inspires, also influences you to dedicate yourself to a better life outside the studio. When the body is engaged in movement patterns that encourage and foster balance, the mind is at peace and the spirit is enlivened. 
Jennifer’s Pilates Teacher Training program, like her Waking Energy Teacher Training, goes beyond exercise in to the realm of lifestyle, teaching all involved how to live a better life-the life you were intended to live-one of natural joy and zest, possibility and promise. 
In Jennifer’s Waking Energy Teacher Training Program, learn how to teach the all-new, powerful mind, body spirit workout that combines 5,000 years of ancient longevity and health secrets. Learn how to master the magical combination of the quiet focused, energetic heaven and earth practice of Chi-Gong (QiGong), the allure and mystique of the 5 Tibetans, elemental movements that mimic the rotation of the earth, stirring and opening the major energy vortexes of the body, activating the chakra system and the nourishing, activating and rejuvenating beauty and simplicity of meridian stretches or Yin Yoga. 
Most importantly, learn to teach people that they will be investing themselves in integrated wellness training-not just a simple exercise regime, but a catalyst for lifestyle change and evolution that promotes balance from the inside-out, one that inspires a deeper awareness of oneself, underlining what really matters in life, and one that teaches you to attend lovingly to each part of your life as segments that contribute to a whole. Learn through Waking Energy that everything in life is connected and that by investing yourself in a technique that encourages integration, what happens outside of your “movement” and “energy” time becomes the very platform for greater possibility and positive action in your life outside. 
Pilates and Waking Energy Teacher Training go beyond the realm of exceptional mind-body fitness, expanding your universe into vast possibility, inspiring you to make better choices, to create and shape new, more positive life-styles, facilitating an integrated approach to ourselves and the world around us—teaching us quite literally how to live our best lives. 
Welcome to a new world of physical vitality where you have boundless energy, where you are super-fit, stress free and you’ll be forever young! Learn to spread the magic of the work to others! 
Learn to teach Pilates Waking Energy and empower yourself as you help to empower others. 
Now you can have access to the essential tools that will enable you to harness the vital flow of energy that is available to us all and share it with the world to bring about profound change through the integrated wellness and lifestyle training that Jennifer offers.