Integrated Wellness and Lifestyle Retreats

Let Jennifer be your guide as you meet yourself on the mat! Get acquainted with your body’s capabilities and untapped resources in these exciting, transformative retreats. 
Note that all Integrated Wellness and Lifestyle retreat programs can be tailored to suit your facility or corporation and can be presented in a variety of formats: The two hour master class, three day workshop or week-long extended program. 
Jennifer offers a wide variety of retreats that foster integrated wellness and teach you how to move closer to a lifestyle that enhances your every day and inspires you to manifest greater possibilities in your life. 
Jennifer’s Integrated Wellness and Lifestyle Retreats are held in both the US and abroad. Retreats are either geared towards an immersion in a single modality, or a combination thereof, such as The Life Force Power Workout, Jennifer’s unique synthesis of the elements that comprise her groundbreaking series, a daily sampling of “The Life Force Flow,” including Waking Energy (energizing Chi-Gong, the 5 Tibetans and Yin Yoga) with Pilates, Yoga and Dance. 
Restore * Recharge * Renew 
Give yourself the gift of an immersion in any mind-body discipline or combination of disciplines of your choosing that helps you to recharge, rejuvenate and enrich your life. 
Jennifer’s Integrated Wellness and Lifestyle Retreats are available in: 
Waking Energy: The unique combination of qigong, the 5 Tibetans and Yin Yoga
Dance: Ballet or Jazz
Yin Yoga
Take time away from the everyday. Leave the “grind” behind. Open yourself to the profoundly transformative environment you’ll find on one of Jennifer’s Integrated Wellness and Lifestyle Retreats. Give yourself the gift of time away from your life. Immerse yourself in breath and movement and energy … Find yourself again. Rediscover yourself, recharge, renew and rejuvenate. Introduce yourself to modalities that will enliven, soothe and inspire. Leave your over-scheduled, stress-filled existence behind-focus on what really matters and learn to cultivate life force energy to heal and empower your body, mind and spirit! 
Main Entry: 1re-treat 
Pronunciation: riˈtrēt
Function: noun 
Etymology: Middle English retret, from Anglo-French retrait, from past participle of retraire to withdraw, from Latin retrahere 
  • a place of privacy or safety, refuge
  • an act or process of withdrawing, especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable
  • a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director.
An Integrated Wellness and Lifestyle Retreat can either be a time of solitude or a community experience. Retreats are often conducted at rural or remote locations, either privately, or at a retreat center. 
The term retreat has several related meanings, all of which share the notion of temporarily removing oneself from one’s usual environment in order to become immersed in a particular subject matter. A retreat can be taken for reasons related to spirituality, stress, health, lifestyle, or ecological concerns. More and more, organizations hold retreats to focus staff members on key issues such as strategic planning, enhancing communication and collaboration, problem-solving and creative thinking. 
Studies have shown that change happens optimally when the body is presented with consistent conditions, a kind of “comfort zone” of repetition. The body and mind then work together given that familiar “challenge” and the body can more successfully respond to the familiar stimuli and evolve. The result is that you start to inhabit your best personal self– and the outward reflection of your inner victories and efforts is the beautiful shape you were always intended to have! 
All of Jennifer’s Integrated Wellness and Lifestyle Retreats provide a focused opportunity to learn and strengthen practices which can lead us to a “shift in perception,’ thereby changing our relationship with life and the world around us, leading us to discover our deeper nature where we can find greater peace and well-being. The body is the most powerful and immediate “inroad” to change, and the retreats are the perfect vehicle to help you move forward! 
Offered on location at your corporate headquarters or at other beautiful and inspiring destinations, Jennifer’s Integrated Wellness and Lifestyle Retreats mean highly personalized, specific cueing and instruction from a master instructor for your body and your needs, insuring that you learn proper alignment, breathing techniques and a way to move safely and securely toward your goals. 
Mark your progress and see more immediate results in an intimate, nurturing, inspiring environment where you are seen, acknowledged and encouraged! 
Create the opportunity to witness your own transformation by dedicating yourself to a consistent ritual of self-care and growth! An Integrated Wellness and Lifestyle Retreat with Jennifer, fitness and lifestyle expert, gives you the opportunity to go deeper and refine your practice while in the company of a few, like-minded others. Cultivate boundless energy, peace of mind and confidence! When you dedicate yourself to YOU, the rewards are endless …