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“Working with Jennifer Kries has been a life-changing experience for me. Not only has my own body benefited enormously, but she has helped me to help others benefit from Pilates by mentoring me as a teacher. Jennifer is a phenomenal, extraordinarily intelligent and articulate woman with years of experience and a true gift for teaching. Her intensives and workshops are the very best! I have never met anyone like Jennifer. How does such a young person have such a wise and old soul? Many thanks, Jennifer, for your commitment to imparting your knowledge in such an uplifting and nurturing way, while still challenging us to strive for excellence.

~Jan Tirony-Johnson Founder of Pilates Midwest, Petoskey, Michigan
Jennifer’s Pilates Method Teacher Training Redefines Fitness
Jennifer Kries’s Pilates Method is the most sophisticated approach to authentic, classical Pilates and mind-body fitness today. It is a perfect fusion of the western requirement of the body as “ultimate machine” with the deeply satisfying, restorative, enlightening, mind-body-spirit philosophy of yoga and the east. Pilates has attracted a devout and universal following because of its emphasis on overall conditioning, healing and balancing techniques. It is a thoughtful approach to working out. Challenging enough for the super-fit and gentle enough for the expectant mother, Pilates asks the participant to focus and direct his/her energies towards specific goals: a uniformly developed and proportionate musculature, corrected body posture for the optimal functioning of vital organs, a combined power of body and mind, and elevation of the spirit. Pilates, the training secret for dancers and athletes for more than eight decades has been brought up to 21st Century standards: A strict adherence to requirements for anatomical correctness, specifically working with the spine’s natural vertebral alignment, combined with the influences of classical ballet and yoga. Jennifer Kries teaches us a Pilates Method that highlights a greater emphasis on back strengthening techniques and yoga based exercises geared towards improving breathing and increasing overall upper body facility. Simply put, Jennifer’s approach adapts the genius of Joseph Pilates to the practices of modern movement sciences and anatomy. It blends innovation with ancient wisdom and is inspiring, effective and accessible. 
As you train to become an exceptional instructor with superlative communication and hands-on skill, you will simultaneously come to truly embody the technique: create the shape you were always intended to have and the body you desire: long, lean toned muscles, an extraordinarily high degree of abdominal strength and definition, enhanced overall muscular capacity, increased range of motion and flexibility, improved breathing, proper posture, reduced stress and peace of mind.

Jennifer Kries’s Pilates Method Teacher Training Intensive
One of the finest and most comprehensive training programs for Pilates today. Learn the art of teaching with an emphasis on communication and human psychology as the foundation for superlative teaching that has the potential to truly transform! Learn the whys and wherefores of The Pilates Method, its history from Joseph H. Pilates to the present. 
Jennifer Kries, Pilates Method innovator and Master Instructor has enjoyed the benefits of the Pilates Method for over fifteen years. Combining experience from her study with three of Joseph Pilates disciples, Eve Gentry, Romana Kryzanowska and Ron Fletcher, her background as professional dancer, years of dedicated yoga practice, and rigorous anatomy, she brings a rich and diverse perspective to her teaching. Having studied extensively with both Romana Kryzanowska and Eve Gentry, each of whom had a different emphasis in her Pilates curriculum, Jennifer specializes not only in strength and flexibility training, but teaches her students how to best approach a wide scope of injuries ranging from common ailments to complicated physical histories. The Pilates Method apprentice will exit the course fully equipped with the knowledge to accommodate any individual. 
Trainees learn the complete list of exercises on each of Pilates’ specially designed apparatus and receive in-depth instruction on how to teach at all levels of difficulty and for all body types in order to be safe, effective and inspiring. Created with the guidance and inspiration of Jennifer Kries, the program includes 60 hours of formal lecture, and 600 hours of apprenticeship, 200 observation, 200 assistant teaching and 200 solo teaching with supervision. A certificate with the title of certified Pilates Method Instructor is awarded to those who complete all lecture hours, apprenticeship and pass written and practical exams at a grade of 95% of higher. At the conclusion of the Pilates teacher training intensive, the participants will know the history of Joseph Pilates’ innovative genius, the contemporary adaptations and additions created by Jennifer Kries, the Method’s myriad benefits and applications, rehabilitative and strength-training techniques, and will be equipped to teach all levels of machine and mat work, private and group instruction, incorporating the knowledge of the various modifications and variations for clients with special requirements. The apprentice will be able to plan not only the immediate session program in specific detail, but will be able to track a path of long-term goals and progress for his/her client. 
*A prerequisite of 50 hours combined mat and apparatus training is required for entrance into the program. 

Pilates Teacher Training Intensive Elements
Mat (including Magic Circle and Sculpting Series), Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel
*The Pilates Teacher Training 
Intensive is presented in one of two formats: As a five weekends or ten-day teacher training. 
The Pilates syllabus is presented as follows: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels including a systems review at the end of the ten days or the conclusion of the final of four weekends. The Pilates Method teacher training is also divided into three levels of difficulty for each apparatus: beginner, intermediate and advanced. During the teacher training, trainees develop the verbal skills necessary to achieve the results they desire for their clients. Trainees will learn the complete syllabus including client evaluation, modifications for specific cases, trouble-shooting techniques, therapeutic applications, basic kinesthetic anatomy and communication skills. The program is a complete authentic, classical Pilates course taught by Jennifer Kries, a 2nd Generation Master Instructor, that provides the participants with the necessary tools and information required to graduate as an experienced Pilates Method Instructor. At the end of the Pilates teacher training intensive, the participant will take away an increased mental and physical awareness of his/her own body and its capabilities, a greater understanding of the art of teaching, anatomy and the psychology behind the most essential principles of the Pilates Method.
Pilates Teacher Training Apprenticeship
Apprenticeship is the core of Jennifer’s Pilates Method program and the time and place where learning the art of teaching truly begins. Trainees apprentice for a total of 600 hours and log their time, and this consists specifically of 200 hours of observation, 200 hours of assistant teaching and 200 hours of solo teaching with supervision at any of the following locations: 
  • An approved studio that is in close proximity to the participant
  • Pilates Midwest, Petoskey, Michigan
  • Jennifer’s training center in San Diego
Sessions and or Mat classes taken at other studios do count towards the final hourly count of apprenticeship as long as they are signed by a witness and approved. Apprenticeship provides for an opportunity to hone the skills acquired during the intensive: observation, communication techniques, and finally “hands-on” work in a professional environment supervised by senior teachers. The apprenticeship is richly rewarding, and combined with dedication and practice will prepare you for your teaching career. In becoming a part of the Pilates Method Certification, you become a part of history, committed to Joseph Pilates’ original mission and uphold the standard of excellence established to honor the work of movement scientists of yesterday and today, helping others to become better people, to discover what it means to establish a balanced lifestyle and truly achieve unity of body and mind. 

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