Pilates Retreats

Join Jennifer, 2nd Generation Pilates Master Instructor and immerse yourself in an environment where you will receive superlative training in Joseph Pilates’ original and authentic mind-body-spirit method. 

On a Pilates retreat, feel more grounded, calmer and more in touch with yourself. You will discover that when you go on a retreat regularly, you can find these qualities manifesting in the rest of your life, and can live more fully your human potential. Going on a Pilates retreat gives you the opportunity to share time, and inspiration with like-minded people from all walks of life who are investing their energies in self-improvement and self-discovery in the Pilates mind-body realm. Give yourself the unique opportunity to focus your energies on every aspect of the Pilates Method. Remove yourself from the distractions of your daily schedule and dedicate yourself to the experience of learning the foundational aspects of the method and increasing your strength and flexibility if you’re a beginner, or perfecting your form, honing your skill, and reaching higher heights if you are a more experienced student. 
Jennifer’s Pilates retreats can be tailored to suit your group and the expertise level of your group, and or can be a multi-level format if your group has a variety of participants with different levels of experience. 
The classical Mat work conditioning regime created by Joseph Pilates that builds unmatched core strength and enhances flexibility of body and mind. Learn to workout smarter, rather than harder; sculpt your body with the fewest repetitions and the greatest focus and control. The emphasis on “core muscles” (i.e.. abdominals, back extensors, shoulder stabilizers, and buttocks) can improve posture and reduce back pain. Other benefits range from increased muscle tone and flexibility, deepening of breathing patterns, enhanced body awareness, and increased efficiency of movement. Jennifer will occasionally incorporate the “Pilates Toys”— Magic Circle, Sculpting Series and PhysioBall in group mat sessions on her Pilates retreats for added challenge and variety. 
Increase your endorphin production through a boosted momentum and an elevated aerobic capacity. Enliven your spirit and be the artist that sculpts the shape you were intended to have. Achieve a sense of total well-being and self-empowerment. Dedicate your time and effort to the most important person in your life—yourself. Be the architect of your destiny and start with the body you were gifted with your home —with your body mind and spirit. Create a taller, slimmer, more elegant, more graceful, more capable, more powerful body, greater peace of mind and a light and joyful spirit! 
Pilates exercises make people more aware of their bodies. It helps to improve alignment and breathing and increases efficiency of movement. The focus is on the center of the body—the “powerhouse,” or the “corset muscles,” also known as the stabilizing core muscles of the torso, which support the spine. The beauty of the technique is that you can do it according to your own fitness level and as you gain strength, the challenge increases. Pilates exercises are gentle, progressive, and performed slowly with good postural alignment at all times; challenging enough for the super-fit, yes, but also gentle enough for pregnant women and the elderly. 
On a spiritual level, the workout is concerned with the process itself. You learn to focus on the present moment and the movement itself rather than the outcome. This is a workout, a regime similar to yoga that promotes consciousness and facilitates evolution and self-transformation. 
The subtle magic of Pilates is that the work grows as you do. You rise to higher and higher levels as your self-awareness and experience deepen. As you gain insight and as your actual physical strength increases, the work refines and redefines itself. Pilates is a unique, refreshing approach that sees our physical activity as a way to restore total oneness with ourselves and create harmony with our body, mind and spirit; under this notion, exercise becomes the means to experiencing a personal potential greater than the physical skills themselves. 
Every movement emanates from the center, which is also our emotional core, and the exercises truly help to “center” you. When you learn the advantage of paying attention to the energy, flow and rhythms in your exercises and see how pushing or forcing is counterproductive, you begin to apply this notion to the rest of your life. When you center your attention in the moment and act in harmony with time, you experience inner peace and fulfillment. By staying in the present, you can do less, yet gain more; paradoxically, you create more personal power and energy enabling you to have a greater influence over the outcome both in your sessions and long after you return home from a transformational Pilates retreat. 
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Any workshop you see listed can be tailored to suit your facility or corporate retreat event as well as on-site, one-day retreats, or half-day retreats.