Links – The most extraordinary source for wild-crafted essential oils–“Healing Essences from the Heart of Nature” – The official site for the innovative scientist, Masaru Emoto who wrote
“The Hidden Messages in Water” —-fascinating! Try writing the words “Love and Gratitude” on your water bottle and see what happens! – These people were globally and environmentally conscious long before
it was fashionable to be and think and wear green and their gear is
great too! – Nothing has more impact on your health, performance, emotions, and spiritual well-being than the harnessed breath; offering the most up-to-date information on breath and breathing, drawing on the collected wisdom of experts from all walks of life – My affiliate studio and teacher training center founded by Jan Johnson in beautiful Petoskey, Michigan – My extraordinarily talented and beautiful, old-soul nephew Simon Shankweiler who channels his spirit and spreads great joy through his magnificent drawing! Check out his “Obama Donkey!!!!” – A classical private Pilates Studio in Rittenhouse Square owned by Romana-trained colleague, Amy Berger! The official website of the esteemed QiGong Master Mantak Chia – Another great internet source for endorphins and serotonin!
Phenomenal, delicate and unusually wonderful chocolate creations for the connaisseur–guaranteed to put a smile on your face – See what the stars hold in store for you by getting in touch with my
favorite astrologer, the amazing Maya White! – White Star Astrology: Find your ‘perfect place’ using Astro*Locality Astrology! – A diverse and exciting on-line community for healers, thinkers, doers