Lifeforce power Workshop

Hot Body Cool Mind:
The Life Force Power Workshop

Experience the best of Pilates, Yoga and Dance with all-new Waking Energy, ancient rejuvenating practices. Enjoy a diverse and eclectic mix of total body-toning, spirit-enhancing, and subtle energy-balancing workouts that will leave you feeling balanced and renewed. 
Jennifer’s acclaimed new workshop series moves beyond her trademark synthesis, Pilates, Yoga and Dance, with groundbreaking energy work inspired by the healing arts of ancient masters. 
With consummate skill and contemporary vision, Jennifer breathes new life into Chinese and Tibetan longevity techniques, transforming them into accessible and powerful energy exercises that illuminate and inform her entire body of work. 
Join Jennifer for The Life Force Power Workshop and immerse yourself in her new combination workout that promotes balance from the inside out. The retreat is the best of Jennifer’s signature “Method”-Pilates, Yoga and Dance, supercharged with 5,000 years of nourishing, rejuvenating, “Waking Energy” exercise secrets.? It is a life-flow, yin-yang workout, a heating, cooling combination that brings your body into balance by mimicking the cycle of nature’s rhythms. Workshop participants will learn how to tap into the body’s vital flow of energy and experience a joyful connection to life and a reserve of power, mobility and clarity like never before. 
Embark with Jennifer Kries on a journey to the fountain of youth, to the center of you!
Become a time-traveler and return thousands of years to the wisdom of the ancient masters of China, India and Tibet. Reacquaint yourself with their reverence for the human body, mind and spirit so that you can bring balance, true fitness and energy into your life. 
As you create the body you’ve always dreamed of, the “hot body” you can see, you will stimulate and harmonize what the ancients called the “subtle body,” the breathing, flowing, circulating “energy” body within you that you cannot see … where balance, true fitness and energy await you—so that you become radiant, super-fit, stress-free and forever young! 
Heating, stimulating, age-defying workout combinations (The 5 Tibetans, Pilates, Vinyasa Yoga, Dance) sculpt, tone and build unparalleled strength, flexibility and stamina. Cooling, calming “un-workouts” (Waking Energy Standing, Yin Yoga and Meditation) replenish, revive, balance and restore. Together, the unique elements of the Life Force Power Workout form a never-ending circle of harmony and balance. Create the body you’ve always dreamed of, reduce stress, increase your energy and liberate your body and mind. 
Flow into the beginning of the workshop with a Waking Energy Standing Practice, and The 5 Tibetans and move onto Pilates Mat and Vinyasa Yoga. Move deeper into dance-classical ballet and jazz and go deeper still with Yin Yoga and Meditation. Enjoy a diverse and colorful daily menu of Life Force Power components, each day a balancing mix of hot and cool modalities–total body-toning, spirit-enhancing, and subtle energy-harmonizing workouts that will leave you feeling inspired, balanced and renewed.