Hot Body Cool Mind


Embark with me on a journey to the fountain of youth, to the center of you … Together we are going to become time travelers and return thousands of years to the wisdom of the ancient masters of China, India and Tibet. We are going to reacquaint ourselves with their reverence for the human body, relearn what has come before, so that we may bring balance, true fitness and energy into our lives. In today’s stress-filled, over-scheduled world, we’ve never needed this more. I have learned from great masters, and I am honored to share their teachings with you: that there exists at the heart of each one of us a silent pulse of perfect rhythm connecting us to all of life, energy and nature.
That each of us is a microcosm of the universe, entwined within it, depending upon it. That we are trees, streams, rivers, earth, fire and gold.That there is day and there is night. Hot and cool. Yang and yin. In nature, there is a perfect balance and this same balance can exist in you where all of the healing energy you will ever need is waiting to be awakened. As you create the body you’ve always dreamed of, the “hot body” you can see, I will teach you to stimulate and harmonize what the ancients called the “subtle body,” the breathing, flowing, circulating “energy” body within you that you cannot see … where balance, true fitness and energy await you—radiant, super-fit, free of stress and forever young!
Welcome to Hot Body Cool Mind: The Life Force Power Workout! —- The best of my signature “Method”— Pilates, Yoga and Dance,  dynamic body-mind-energy training and conditioning, super-charged with  5,000 years of rejuvenating, age-defying, Waking Energy exercise secrets: Chi-Gong, the 5 Tibetans and Yin Yoga and Meditation. It is a life-flow, yin-yang workout, a heating-cooling combination that brings your body into balance by mimicking the cycle of nature’s rhythms. It is a cumulative, on-going journey that grows in complexity, subtlety and refinement, a workout that is accessible, simple to learn and easy to master, yet grows as you do, as you become more capable and at ease. A workout that whatever your age or ability delivers exuberance, calm and relief from the everyday.
From dawn to dusk, like the cycle of life, the Hot Body Cool Mind combination flows … beginning as if it were morning, with age-defying, invigorating Waking Energy exercises, Chi-Gong, and the 5 Tibetans. Then focus on building muscular strength and stamina, suppleness and flexibility with the heating, stimulating, heart-strengthening power workouts: Pilates, Yang Vinyasa Yoga, Cardio Jazz-dance and Ballet. Go deeper still into the fasciae, with spirit-nourishing, calming yin yoga and meditation—cooling, gathering “UN-workouts” whose prolonged poses open and energize the body’s meridians, subtle energy pathways, restoring youthful joint mobility, while you quietly collect your “chi,” your life force. And then once again, the beginning of the cycle of yang and yin…
My love of Pilates began long before its era of popularity and has served as a pillar of strength for me in all aspects of my professional athletic and artistic life, enlivening my spirit, conditioning my body, reinforcing my self-esteem and overall feeling of peace and well-being. The body I have created and the level of personal excellence I have achieved have come, however as the result of a special synthesis of more than just Pilates. Pilates was the foundation, but equally important were my practice of yoga, all of my years as a professional dancer and my study of Eastern healing techniques.
In my personal journey, after Pilates, came yoga and the “softer” martial arts, Chi-Gong and Bone-marrow Nei-Kung, and other life-changing modalities and schools of thought such as the 5 Tibetans and Yin Yoga and Meditation, all of which led to the creation of Waking Energy, the new foundation to my series. Just as I knew Pilates would be the mind-body fitness “answer” alongside yoga in the late 90’s, I know that the “Life Force Flow” of Pilates, Yoga and Dance in concert with the ancient energetic “heaven and earth” practices in Waking Energy will be the very thing that people need to help them live more in tune with nature and with themselves now. Welcome to The Life Force Power Workout! — the 21st Century answer to “The Method!”
As you practice and become more familiar with the different modalities that comprise the elements of the Life Force Power Workout, you will come to know exactly what your body requires to find its equilibrium and you will be continually surprised and inspired by what you are capable of and by what you can achieve! You will find comfort and beauty in carving out the time and space to dedicate yourself to caring for your body, mind and spirit every day. When we find a rhythm that encourages discipline and determination towards reaching a personal goal, the effects of that simple ritual ripple out in concentric circles to positively affect not only your life, but the lives of others. Life expands according to one’s courage and when we devote ourselves to a private ritual each day, we become grounded and rooted in a sense of purpose that feeds our soul and builds our character. We experience an ever-growing sense of self-esteem, which then translates into an expanded state of being, a greater sense of self-confidence and capability that permits us to take greater risks and reap greater rewards. As we become more intimate with our inner world, the world outside extends into infinite possibility. On the physical level, because of the strengthening and stretching aspects of the exercises, we become stronger, more flexible, more toned, slimmer; from the effects of the breathing techniques, our lung capacity becomes enhanced, our mental faculties more focused, our coordination and balance more finely honed. Through the synthesis of timeless techniques and daily dedication, we come to realize that there is no separation between mind and body, between our selves and the world around us, and we come to appreciate and respect nature and its brilliant rhythms as we learn to appreciate and respect ourselves. We emerge as more integrated beings, truly embracing the unity of mind and body and come to inhabit the self we were always meant to be—the self that is everyone’s birthright. Through this kind of almost “sacred fitness,” if we start each day paying homage to ourselves, taking care, loving ourselves, we feel better and in turn are able to spread that powerful, positive energy outward to others who may not have found the secret yet …and we make our own contribution to making the world a better, kinder place.

Yin /Yang
The Tao (pronounced ‘Dao’) can be defined as a path, or a road. Tao means “the way” and specifically the way of nature. The Tao is often described as a force that flows through all of life. A happy and virtuous life is one that is in harmony with the Tao, and thus with nature. ?So the philosophy of Taoism understands the Tao as the one thing that exists and connects all things. Taoism then is a spontaneous, profound awareness of the true nature of things, expressed in mystical and poetic terms.
Hence, the Tao, nature, and reality are all one. However, the idea that all is one and interconnected is not found solely within Chinese Philosophy. The ancient Indians and Greek Philosophers also understood the universe as a unity, as have many other philosophers and scientists over the past 2500 years.
The symbol of Taoism is the “t’ai c’hi t’u” also called the “symbol of the ultimate supreme.” It is better known as the yin-yang. The symbol of two fish, one dark with a light eye and one light with a dark eye chasing each other around in a circle is a metaphor for the active and passive forces in the universe. There is the cool dark, passive, female yin and the hot bright, active, male yang. These two forces swirl about and through each other, changing constantly. One becomes the other, and both always contain the seed of the other within (i.e., as the eye of the fish in the image).

The Life Force Power Workout!


Waking Energy Standing
A flowing heaven and earth Chi-Gong and “Makko-Ho” (meridian stretch) warm-up “dance” that teaches you to integrate breath and movement and harness the energy around you while you awaken and channel the energy within your own body. (Waking Energy Sitting and Standing can be done as an awakening “yang” or a gathering, cooling “yin” workout if practiced at night.)

The 5 Tibetans
Also known as the “Rites of Rejuvenation,” a long and closely guarded secret of an ancient sect of Tibetan Monks who never seemed to grow old and retained their youthful vigor far into their old age. An unmatched, time-saving series that stimulates the “chakra system” for total body strengthening, awakening, age-defying, revitalizing and super immune-boosting! (Hot=Yang)

Now one of today’s most popular secrets to the world’s hottest and most powerful bodies! Build unbelievable core strength, enhance flexibility, improve your posture, lengthen and strengthen with the classical mat workout syllabus created by Joseph Pilates. Learn proper alignment, breathing techniques and movement dynamics from Jennifer, a master of “The Method” for more than 20 years. (Hot=Yang)

A heating Vinyasa (flow style) form of traditional hatha yoga influenced by the Iyengar and Ashtanga schools, including essential asanas (poses) that integrate breath and movement, awareness and alignment, strength and flexibility. A perfect introduction to yoga for the beginner or conditioned athlete that will build stamina and enhance fluidity. Calm and clear your mind, reduce stress and set your spirit free as you tone your entire body … (Hot=Yang)

A heart-strengthening, fat-burning, joyful, liberating, spirit-lifting, funky, rockin’ jazz class! Learn how to isolate your hips, shoulders and mid-section and incorporate your new skills into an exciting full-length dance sequence! Sculpt and strengthen your entire body, increase stamina and fine tune your spatial awareness and coordination as you jam to the music. (Hot=Yang)

Welcome to your very own private ballet class! Plie, tendu and battement! 
Cultivate a dancer’s carriage and grace as you learn attention to form and detail. Create beautiful definition in your arms, back, legs and buttocks as you glide through the ethereal movements, building stamina and self-confidence … Before you know it, you’ll be moving through life like a professional ballet dancer! (Hot=Yang)

Yin Yoga and Meditation 
Get to know your “inner emotional landscape” with this profound mind-body “un-workout.” Long-held, deeply relaxing “stretching” poses that stimulate and open the “meridians,” or energy pathways in your body, restoring youthful joint mobility as you quietly collect and gather your chi. Then go even deeper into your “inner world” and learn how to focus your breath and send it to various parts of your body as you find peace of mind with a grounding, calming, centering meditation practice. (Yin=Cool)