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Jennifer Kries


I am as excited about the work on these pages as I was when I first began to weave the timeless elements that comprise them. You are about to explore a synthesis of techniques that will help you to create the body you’ve always dreamed of and the peace of mind you crave. Wether you are looking for methods on how to lose weight or develop your abs in a fulfilling workout, this unique and timeless combination is unsurpassed in building overall strength and flexibility, as well as inspiring a joyful spirit! Your previously untapped potential will unleash focus and concentration, will and desire, as you come to appreciate yourself and your abilities. The work will transport you to a new level of awareness beyond exercise itself, to a place where your physical accomplishments are reflections of your inner victories.

This powerful combination of Western athleticism and ancient Eastern philosophies and practices will introduce you to your deepest, innermost self so that you can celebrate who you are in this very moment and grow closer to who you want to become. As you learn to balance and harmonize your physical outer body with the subtle inner alchemy of the body’s energy systems, you will start to experience true fitness, total balance and glowing good health. You will learn through an integrated approach that you can discover your true nature and embrace your timeless essence, focusing on what is truly essential in your life.

Over 15 million people have benefitted from using my original Pilates Method videos, DVD’s and streaming downloads to lose weight, gain core strength, and rejuvinate themselves with my anti-aging workouts. These original titles are still readily available through Gaiam. Now let me help you create the body that you have always wanted with my new series of Pilates and yoga titles, as well as my new intense rejuvinating fitness system, the Hot Body, Cool Mind 4 pack featuring Waking Energy!

Waking Energy, One Fitness for All

And the most exciting part? At the close of a session, the work does not come to an end. Whatever you have learned in any given segment, whether it is a new way to focus your breath or a technique to lengthen and strengthen a muscle, or a way to draw earth energy up through your bubbling spring points, you get to take it with you. What I highlight in this website is not just a series of workouts, it is a state of mind, a way of being. It is the ultimate fitness for body, mind and spirit. It can help you to transform your life. And it will inspire you to be the very best you can be.

Wishing you good health, good fortune and boundless discovery!