Yes, that’s me sitting there and smiling proudly on the cover of my 2006 release of Hot Body Cool Mind, feeling great in my then Lulu ensemble, “Deep V” tank and Groove pants, just one of countless similar outfits that graced most of my DVD covers that sit next to your tv’s, ready to go, as we speak.

Sadly today, however, I’m not feeling particularly jolly or joyful– the way I looked on my 2006 cover. I’m feeling angry and disappointed. And like some of my brave peers, I feel compelled to speak out about the truth of what has long been hiding beneath the 4-way stretch and alleged “no-stink” technologies Lululemon espouses. Something does in fact stink at Lululemon. Something is rotten in the state of fancy yoga and Pilates apparel, and he looks like this:


No, today, I am not smiling, but I am feeling damn good about two things:

#1. That unbeknownst to Mr. Chip “No rub” Wilson, the day he had his team name me Ambassador, my well-muscled, dancerly thighs did in fact not only touch, but RUB, and they still do!

#2. I am downright proud that I have thighs that touch AND rub, and I love my beautiful, curvaceous, womanly body and celebrate it!

Today, I tendered my resignation and sent an official letter to the original “Lululemon Community Team” in Philadelphia, terminating my Ambassadorship and my affiliation with the company.


“Dear Alyssa, Dana and Katherine,

I regret to inform you all that because of what has recently been revealed as Chip Wilson’s long history of misogyny, racism and greed, I am officially terminating my affiliation with Lululemon and as of this email notice, am no longer an Ambassador.

I think it would be important for Mr. Wilson to know from all of you, and all of us as women, that 99.9999999% of his employees’ thighs touch and in fact RUB. And if they don’t, it’s simply a matter of a different, but equally as beautiful way that the legs are shaped, resulting in alignment and gait variations. Please see Mariska Breland’s exceptionally witty and insightful Blog on the subject.
Don’t you think he deserves to be privy to such vital information?! Afterall, it’s what he has clearly founded his entire business ethos on …

People ultimately do reveal their true “Luon colors” sooner or later, and I think it is beyond disappointing after the tremendous investment of time, effort and money on all our parts that this hypocrisy has been lurking behind the “Ta ta tamers” and the “Free to be” tank all this time, and that it took one interview to expose Mr. Wilson for who he really is.

By the way, “Ta ta tamers?” Denigrating, exploitive name, don’t you agree?! As soon as I started seeing monikers such as that appearing a few years ago now, I had to scratch my head and wonder if this kind of degradation was coming from the top … and still, I gave the company another chance because of all of the apparent good and positivity the company seemed to generate in the community, and chalked it up to a momentary lapse of reason, human error, weakness–a slip of poor taste and bad judgement.

I am challenged to come up with the words to aptly describe my feelings of betrayal and exploitation when I consider the size and scope of my endorsement for the company over the course of the past seven years.

I generously gave my name and reputation to Lululemon, offered my image countless times for large-scale promotions and chose Lululemon as the line to grace not only each one of my DVD covers, but the bodies of every one of my dancers and co-workers who appeared in my programs.


Shame on you, Mr. Wilson. And shame on anyone who tolerates this kind of behavior and this glaring lack of integrity. And speaking of “integrity,” now we know for certain that the Lulu “manifesto” (”Friends are more important than money,”  ”What you do to the earth, you do to yourself”) that was printed on every single wall to seduce community instructors and employees and on every bag that left the store was purely a mercenary tact to appeal to the higher aspects of humanity, and really, in the end,  just a bunch of letters with no meaning behind them. I’m so curious … did you write this one, Chip: “Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself.”  Tell me, what’s your outlook on life today?

Turns out at Lululemon, the all-important commitment to your INTEGRITY mantra was about as fluffy as the words in your manifesto. What is integrity, afterall? It is word and deed aligned. Sorry, Chip Wilson, now we know, it’s something you never had. At Lululemon, there is no integrity, and no one is “Free to be,” (as in the tank) that is, unless your thighs don’t touch and can pronounce the company name minus a Japanese dialect.

I feel for each one of you, and wonder what your course of action will be henceforth.
Whatever you decide to do, I hope that you consider your own dignity and integrity first, and that you act in a way that makes you proud for yourself and your kindred women around the world, for please keep in mind: Grown-ups were not the only ones who heard what you said about womens’ bodies not “being right for the clothes,” Mr. Wilson. Girls and young women heard that too, and don’t you think battling the onslaught of photoshopped, deceptively flawless, overly-thin bodies in the media is enough for these tender, emerging young hearts to contend with, not to mention your words now, about clothing they once saw their mothers and older sisters wearing and aspired to wear themselves? Not allowed to wear them if their thighs touch?! Really? How dare you.

I would very much appreciate a reply to this email confirming that you have received this statement of termination, and further, I would ask that you send me the name and email address of the person who works directly with Mr. Wilson at corporate headquarters and serves as the COO, perhaps. It is my sincere wish in parting that Mr. Wilson read this letter, as well as the others that have been written in reaction to his “admissions,” a sort of appetizer-style penance, if you will.

Stay strong and do the right thing, ladies.


Finally, in case you have not yet read former ambassador, Natalia Petrzela’s Blog in the Huffington Post, I strongly suggest you do. If you are wavering in your own decision to stay true to yourself, this blog may give you the fuel to drive your car to the other side— to safety, where you can wipe the tears of anger and regret from your eyes and hold your head up high, high enough to see that a bright future awaits you, one where there is a world free of Lululemon and companies like it, but even more importantly, free from guys like Mr. Chip Wilson.

No, there’s something so much better out there, and who knows?! Maybe you will create it … a company that means what it says, that endorses self-love and healthy body-image in the people who buy their clothes, a company that treats the planet and its resources venerably, one that includes and respects all humans, one with a great design team and even greater integrity. And when I say integrity, I mean the real kind, the kind that means that as soon as I finish this letter, I am taking a car-load of Lululemon clothes, every stitch I have ever owned to the recycling center near my home, where there will be no more rubbing, pilling, or over-stretching, just the closing scene of me walking away, smiling because I can feel my powerful, sexy thighs rubbing together as I take each step further and further away from disappointment to declaration: ” I am a Lululemon Ambassador No More!”

My very best to you,

Jennifer Kries

48 Responses to “Lululemon Ambassador No More: An Open Letter”

Hi Jennifer, in the past when I thaught MBA students marketing, I often used Lululemon as a positive example how vision, strategy, products, shops and sales team perfectly fit to each other. When I updated my course materials from one year to other, I found year after year that they where loosing it: becoming less focused and more greedy to exploit their brand, producing products with claims they could not substantiate,… and now this. I applaud to your braveness to step down as a Lululemon Ambassador. Thank you for your blog post.

November 21st, 2013

Good for you Jennifer! I have been watching this story unfold and have been appalled. frankly - I never liked the products that much and never understood the fascination.

November 21st, 2013

Jennifer, if I could grab you and hold you and kiss you I would. Thank goodness I got the chance last weekend.I applaud your message to Mr Wilson. Good that you quit that hateful business - thank you thank you. Form a HUGE fan - Chuck Rap. Kisses and hugs.

November 21st, 2013

I respect your decision but have to disagree with the inflammatory nature of your remarks. To say that there is “no integrity” at lululemon is outrageous. I know plenty of people who work and are connected to lululemon. They are wonderful, thoughtful and caring individuals who do embody the culture and who believe that it can change the world. It feels incredibly self righteous for you to be judgmental about this company, especially since there are so many other companies out there that scoff at the idea of creating a values based organization. Read this blog for a more level headed perspective on this situation from an ambassador.


November 21st, 2013

Hi Reiner,
Thank you so much for your comment.
Years ago when Lululemon first began, I too thought highly of what I thought the company was founded upon–what seemed to be strong ethics, great business strategy and community, not to mention wonderful designs and exceptionally functional, innovative clothing, all around. I agree with what you said completely, that year after year, not only did their quality decline, but unsavory stories started leaking out about sweat shops, unethical manufacturing practices and undermining in-store interpersonal interactions with the staff, pressuring employees to attend something called The Landmark Forum and behave and perform in certain ways, almost pitting employees against one another in an attempt to generate greater sales. For these reasons, and the new ones that have recently manifested, I am relieved to be free of my affiliation with Lululemon, and again, I thank you for your support.
Best wishes, Reiner,

November 21st, 2013

Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for your supportive comment, and obviously, I too have been appalled on many levels– from Mr. Wilson’s comments –everything from why he chose the name Lululemon in the first place– that the Japanese had trouble pronouncing it and he delighted in their struggle, to his questionable manufacturing practices, to the “cult-like” in-store strategies he endorsed for his employee structure, to his most recent comments about women and their bodies …
As I said to Reiner, I am someone who feels compelled to speak the truth when I see injustice, and I am relieved to have spoken and severed ties, hoping that perhaps this event may lead to an authentic awakening and the issuing of a REAL apology from Chip Wilson to the women and people he offended and harmed.
Thanks again, Kevin and warmest wishes,

November 21st, 2013

Dear Chuck,

Thank you for your bounteous affection and endorsement, and I am flattered that you call yourself a huge fan. :) Really, I am touched, and I thank you.
I appreciate your support here in my decision, and must reiterate, that it was a “no-contest” scenario for me. I could not stand for the hypocrisy and associate my name with it. Simple.
As I said above, I will wish Mr. Wilson and his company well as soon as he summons the courage to make a real apology to the people, and specifically to the women he insulted– the very millions of customers who spent their hard-earned dollars helping him to build his empire.

Thanks again, Chuck!
Your fan,
Jennifer XO

November 21st, 2013

Hello Jean,

Thank you for your comment, and I appreciate your opinion. I’m glad that you respect my decision, but am curious as to why you consider my remarks “inflammatory?” They are statements of fact, plain and simple, and really, I feel that I went easy on Mr. Wilson.
You are concerned about convincing me that the company has “integrity” because of the myriad hard-working, caring people who work for the company. Tell me, are you one of those hard-working, earnest employees who feels the need to defend her allegiance? I agree that there are a good handful of good-hearted, honest and well-intentioned people who work for Lululemon, and who, by the way are regularly exploited and underpaid, but Chip Wilson is not one of these people, and I dare say, there is an equal share of employees who are apt to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to what lies beneath the bright, shiny, luminescent fabrics.
If there is such “integrity” at Lululemon, please tell me how you can explain this away:

“Former CEO Chip Wilson, an avid snowboarder, said he came up with “Lululemon” because he delighted in the idea that trying to pronounce the name — with its three syllables beginning with “l’” — would pose a special challenge for the Japanese, whom he enjoyed making fun of. From that less-than-enlightened starting point Wilson went on to create a huge controversy in 2005 when he announced that the firm would rely on child labor and “sweat shops” in China, after three competitors in his native Vancouver went belly up due to rising labor costs.” from this article:

You say that “It feels incredibly self righteous” for me “to be judgmental about this company, especially since there are so many other companies out there that scoff at the idea of creating a values based organization.”???

You call in “other companies” too quickly, I’m afraid, to substantiate your argument, which quite frankly, has no substance …tell me WHY I should not be judgmental about a company that has committed more wrongdoing than good?

What you interpret as self-righteousness is merely speaking the truth about what has actually happened in real time, Jean.

I am so curious now to hear why and how you can defend a person like Chip Wilson and a company that is clearly built on hypocrisy. Please explain his racist comments and his use of child labor and his downright offensive and insulting, utterly thoughtless slurs against women? The same women who helped him to build his fortune.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you do work for Mr. Wilson. And if you do, please –enlighten me. Change my mind. I invite you.

And when you say that I should “read this blog by another Lululemon ambassador for a “more level-headed perspective,” I must call you on your self-righteousness and judgement.

I respect other opinions, and believe me, like your friend Bram, I would be only too happy to offer up some true Namaste and yogic love to Mr. Wilson if he were to honestly repent for his sins and apologize genuinely from the heart to everyone he has insulted and harmed with his self-serving comments and actions. Until that time, I’ll continue to speak from my heart.

I will conclude by asking if you are familiar with the word, “Ahimsa?”
It’s a Buddhist and Hindu doctrine expressing belief in the sacredness of all living creatures and urging the avoidance of harm and violence, and above all, the law of reverence for every form of life.
Chip Wilson and Lululemon cater to the Yoga community, and they should have known better …

Where is the presence of Ahimsa in this “caring culture that believes they can change the world?”

I look forward to your reply, Jean.

Very best and namaste,

November 21st, 2013

Hi Jennifer,

I was never associated or affiliated with Lulu, but have spent more money on their clothes than I care to admit. I’m horrified at the greed and negativity. I haven’t stepped foot in one of their stores in over a year and won’t ever again.

Thanks for doing the right thing.

Take care,

November 21st, 2013

I’m thrilled to see you stand up for all who have been drinking the lulu koolaid for too long. Besides the outrageous comments Chip made, I have noticed inferior quality in the garments and an indifferent sales staff. As an R&D member I can live without the measly discount at a price of my integrity. Athleta here I come!!

November 21st, 2013

I applaud your open letter and agree. As instructors we try and empower and make all women feel strong,beautiful and strong. No matter what size or shape.

November 21st, 2013

Jennifer, So very proud of you for standing up and saying all those things. You have heart my friend!
Jo Ann Yates
Your Joy Yoga
ps Our thighs are sisters! Thank you for making me proud of them!

November 21st, 2013

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your response. I do not work for lululemon although I do know some great girls who work at my local store and through some mutual yoga teachers. I’m like Josie in that I’ve spent my fair share of hard earned dollars there. I’ve also had some really great experiences as being a part of their community.

I aspire to be an enlightened consumer so I do a ton of research on the companies that spend my money on. This has been no different with lulu. Sure, Chip has put his big foot in in his even bigger mouth on more than one occasion, there’s no denying that. But it is my belief, through my own experience and through reading about all sides of the company, that lulu is not an evil empire like the media is making it out to be. it is your choice whether you believe that or not, and at the end of the day, you back it by not shopping there. What’s interesting is that at some point you must have believed the same when you became a brand ambassador. I can understand If you’ve lost that belief through these events that have occurred. I would just hope that people could dig a little deeper than the Huffington Post to make a decision or judgement about anything these days.

November 21st, 2013

I only shop at Athleta now. Although I used to like the running pants from LuLu Lemon - it’s like pulling teeth to get the sales people to really help you there. They point to the area where you can look for your things and never really engage in the process. Don’t even get me started about returns either. Athelta is amazing. The staff is friendly and they have a give it a workout guarantee. It’s unbeatable. When you are paying that kind of money for workout clothes. Close to $200 per outfit - you expect a little more service and courtesy that you just don’t find at Lulu lemon.

Sally A
November 22nd, 2013


In response to your comment,
“I would just hope that people could dig a little deeper than the Huffington Post to make a decision or judgement about anything these days.”

I think it’s pretty clear here that people have. And I am one of them, as evidenced in the statements I have made independently of Huff Post or other online periodicals … however, I must say that Natalia Pterzela’s blog is very poignant because of the fact that she, like I once really believed in them: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/natalia-mehlman-petrzela/why-this-lululemon-scanda_b_4304143.html

Now I have to ask the same of you; please back up your argument in defense of Lululemon, since you feel so passionately about protecting them.
I’m curious to hear the details of your response to my reply that I took the time to write to you above–
Have you any comment?
And yes, of course I appreciated many things about the company when I became an ambassador, but I started to see what was awry with the dynamics of the company and its ethics not long after, and frankly felt conflicted. Rather than making a snap judgment based on what other people had to say (to your point), I waited and watched, and everything that needed to be revealed most certainly was, and here we are today, enlightened and empowered.

Chip Wilson and the company as a whole should consider redeeming themselves–there definitely needs to be a clearing, an elevating of consciousness, a genuine apology from Wilson in order for the company as a whole body to move forward with any esteem.

November 22nd, 2013

Dear Hilary,

Thank you for your kind endorsement and for helping women to recognize their strength and their beauty!
Brava to you too :)

November 22nd, 2013

Thank you for speaking out against the unfortunate and careless practices that we as Lululemon customers have experienced. It’s a shame that they don’t accept responsibility for their issues and instead blame the customers who keep them in business.

J. Wicks
November 22nd, 2013

As a designer and business owner, I always make a point of not condemning other “competitors”. Instead, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the values that I, and my company, Loko Sport, stand for. I design active/lifestyle Apparel for real women sized XS-22. I have it manufactured in Ontario where workers are treated well and not exploited. I choose quality fabrics that give women value for their money. I do what I love, and it gives me great satisfaction to know that I have made women of all sizes feel beautiful and happy with their choice to wear Loko Sport. Intelligent clothing for intelligent women.

November 22nd, 2013

Best resignation letter ever! I’m so thrilled he doesn’t have a filter and we got to know what he really thinks.

November 22nd, 2013

Thank you Jennifer for standing up for millions of women.

November 22nd, 2013

A lot of excellent points have been made. I’ve got just one more to add to the conversation with respect to the Lululemon list of life rules that so many of us are familiar with: the more hot air the bigger the balloon. When analyzed with compassionate thought, I think that most of us would arrive at the conclusion that their list is actually more reflective of the fuller picture that has recently been revealed. Companies that do the sort of admirable work that an ideal list of rules for living would reflect, don’t need to print those rules all over their marketing materials. The proof is in the doing.

November 22nd, 2013

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for sharing you heart and being so brave. You set the example. And I know many other yogis are definitely going to make other choices in attire as you have.

Many thanks.

November 22nd, 2013

Hi Josie,
I thank you for your comment, and appreciate what you said.
I know its difficult to fathom sometimes how much we’ve given to a company that has the audacity to treat its customers the way Lululemon has; the good news is that the wheel turns, and we can all find comfort in knowing that the truth is out and we can make better choices.
I thank you for your support.
Best wishes,

November 22nd, 2013

Hello Ellen,

Thanks for writing, and I concur with your comments about indifferent sales staff. In my experience, there were exceptions to that rule, and I did meet some very good people who worked for the company; however, those people have since left, and did so a few years ago now. I think they knew more than they were permitted to disclose, and now we have all become privy to those reasons. When you say “R & D” member, can you elaborate? Did you work for Lululemon? Curious. Thanks again for your support.

November 22nd, 2013

Thank you, Jo Ann– that means a lot.
And yes, we must be proud of our bodies and treat them with love and respect!
Warmest regards to you,

November 22nd, 2013

Thanks Sally– I look forward to investigating Athleta and other brands. What’s sad about Lululemon is that they had a great design team at one time, and their original “esprit” was lost along the way.
I agree wholeheartedly, that when you spend your money, you should be investing not only in quality products, but ones that are produced by a company you can feel good about representing.
Thanks again for your input!

November 22nd, 2013

J. Wicks, I could not agree more. It is beyond shameful that Chip Wilson and hence his “culture,” his “community” Lululemon doesn’t take responsibility for their thoughtless words, practices and policies.
His non “apology” did not include even a peripheral reference to the customers he offended and insulted–the very same people who are responsible for building his empire and his fortune. It was hard to believe, really.
The only thing you can do is laugh now, and laughter always brings just relief when disappointment strikes:
Here’s to clarity, freedom and joy in emancipation!
Thanks for making your voice heard here!

November 22nd, 2013

Hi Sandra,
Thank you for bringing your company to our attention. I value what you’ve shared here and look forward to visiting your website to see your designs! And I’m sure other folks will enjoy doing the same.
I appreciate more than anything what you said about taking satisfaction in knowing that you help women of all sizes feel beautiful– as it should be!

Thank you, Sandra. :)

November 22nd, 2013

Hello Sandra,
Thank you for your enthusiasm and supportive words.
And I agree, it was somehow very comforting to see Chip Wilson in all his inane, thoughtless, misogynistic glory! I agree. Glad he showed his true colors.
Very best to you,

November 22nd, 2013

Mina, thank you.
It was my pleasure, and my duty, I feel.
I hope that what I wrote inspires women to follow suit and stand behind their convictions.
I hope it serves to empower women and men so that they no longer tolerate treatment that makes them feel less than, or behavior that is disrespectful or demeaning.
It’s time for us all to speak our truth, the truth of how we feel in the spirit of reaching higher ground, and greater awareness together.

November 22nd, 2013

Hi Jennifer,
Bless you for speaking up and being an example of integrity in action!
I do not know if Mr. Wilson can hear what you have to say, nor if he cares to hear. Regardless of that, it is so important that we all find that burning truth within and share it now.
It can be easy to justify going along with a stream of free clothes and “sponsorship” that accompanies a Lululemon ambassadorship. I am watching some of my friends go through this now.
But the reality is that every one of these agreements in our lives where we say “yes” and allow our energy to become a part of something bigger has a direct effect on the whole of our lives and on our world. Investing our precious energy with misguided, dysfunctional corporate monsters for a few perks becomes very undesirable at a certain level of awareness. It’s just not worth it!
I imagine a world where we can all (men and women, young and old) stand solidly (with or without thigh rub), valuing and respecting our uniquenesses and our precious vitality. Imagine what we can create with our creative energy back with us and united with others in shared integrity. I am so grateful for you being a living example of this.
Bravo for your courage and respecting yourself enough to take the step.
Dr. Suzanne

November 22nd, 2013

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your wonderful letter. I’m curious to know if you received the confirmation as you requested?

I have also seen the deterioration of Lulu quality over the years. Being from Detroit, I first learned of Lulu when I attended the Toronto Yoga Show in 2005. I thought “what are all these cute workout clothes with the ‘omega’ logo?” I bought my first Lulu that weekend, the Glow Tank. I still have them and they look great! My more recent purchases have not faired so well.

I feel like Lulu has become more about fashion, less about function. I workout in my Lulu - I don’t just wear it as casual attire. Being a bigger busted woman, I find that their tops have become more and more skimpy and that is not comfortable bending forward in Yoga and Pilates. It is too revealing. I have repeatedly suggested that tanks like the Glow Tank be brought back, but I haven’t seen anything similar. Chip might say the Lulu tops weren’t made for women like me? Well, Chip, my thighs barely rub together, but my (natural) TaTas can’t be tamed by your small cup sizes. Not everyone wants their goods on display when working out!

On a side note, yours was the first Pilates video I ever purchased back in the late 1990s. I bought it at Target on VHS :) I still remember my cousin and I laughing at ourselves trying to do “Rolling Like a Ball” for the first time. I then started doing Allegro classes at Bally’s when Elizabeth Larkham created their group reformer program. I have since become certified as a Pilates instructor, and I love it. Thank you!

November 23rd, 2013

[...] letter asking Lululemon to consider us “Ambassadors No More” (coined via Jennifer Kries) was a simple one, opening with “This letter comes after a long time of consideration [...]

Mmmm, having looked at the LLL website in the past (I live in the UK) I can say I had been tempted to purchase -but hadn’t to-date - now - no way!!! I have a daughter of 12 and I am always telling her that she has strong, useful legs (same shape as mine). What a shame for anyone to be so narrow minded to believe all spirits should come packaged in the same body…

November 25th, 2013

This post has been incredibly validating for me, and I cannot thank you enough for sharing it. I, too, am a former two-term lululemon ambassador, a community position I thoroughly enjoyed until approximately a year ago, and one that I also endorsed through thousands of dollars of purchases with lululemon. However, about 18 months ago, I noticed a steep decline in the quality of lululemon clothing, and more importantly, an appalling lack of accountability from the company when it came to taking responsibility for their product. As an ambassador, I naïvely thought it was my obligation to speak out, and so I did — many times, challenging lululemon to return to the standard of excellence that had attracted so many of us. My reward for my honesty was to have my ambassador term ended prematurely, although my local store manager let me know he’d still love to see me shopping at the store. I was told that lululemon thought that my honesty and unwillingness to lie about my experiences (and those of others) lacked the “integrity,” they wanted in those associated with their brand. Needless to say, it is utterly apparent who does not understand the concept of integrity. Given the events that continue to unfold at lululemon, it is a great relief to no longer be associated with the brand, and they will never see a penny of my income again. However, knowing that there are other like-minded individuals is a great comfort when sticking to one’s ethical principles gets you ostracized.

Melissa Mahady Wilton
November 26th, 2013

Thank you. Up with thighs!!

Rende Brockwell
November 29th, 2013

[...] letter asking Lululemon to consider us “Ambassadors No More” (coined via Jennifer Kries) was a simple one, opening with “This letter comes after a long time of consideration regarding [...]

[...] letter asking Lululemon to consider us “Ambassadors No More” (coined via Jennifer Kries) was a simple one, opening with “This letter comes after a long time of consideration regarding [...]

[...] letter asking Lululemon to consider us “Ambassadors No More” (coined via Jennifer Kries) was a simple one, opening with “This letter comes after a long time of consideration regarding [...]

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for telling us all the truth. Personally, I felt their price point was too high but admired their marketing and ability to get such loyal customers.

You stand for everything that I believe in and I have enjoyed your work for years. Thank you for doing the right thing.

Jamie Gallo

Jamie Gallo
December 6th, 2013

Hi Jennifer. As someone who sounded the bell on lululemon way back in 2006, I applaud your decision.

Jean, to help you in you own research of lululemon, here is the blog post I wrote then - which has links to stories by two respected Canadian news entities. http://www.yogalila.com/2006/08/looking_closer_.html

If you want to offer any criticism, it’s that people didn’t research lululemon enough before accepting these ambassador positions.

Somewhat ironically, the pair of yoga pants I bought back when lulu was a small Vancouver company in a little dark room at the top of the stairs are still alive and kicking. Almost 10 years later. And my thighs rub like crazy. Best pair of yoga pants I’ve ever had. In spite of everything, at least they used to make really good stuff. No more.

December 7th, 2013

Wow, Jennifer! I only wish I could have written that letter as eloquently and powerfully as you have! I stopped drinking the “Lululemon” kool-aid when I read that the name of the company was chosen by Wilson because the L sound is not in the Japanese language and Wilson thought it was funny to watch them try to say it. If that didn’t deter future purchases from ethical minded consumers, then I don’t know what will.

My final words on this to you, Jennifer - Bravo, Sister!

December 10th, 2013

Thank you for supporting us girls with muscular thighs! The thigh gap is not “normal” for everyone and I am totally proud not having one. I actually did a long blog post on just that topic. Great blog and your yoga pictures are inspiring :)


December 28th, 2013

[...] November, Jennifer Kreis resigned as an “ambassador” for the Lululemon sportswear company after CEO Chip Wilson said in [...]

[...] November, Jennifer Kreis resigned as an “ambassador” for the Lululemon sportswear company after CEO Chip Wilson said in [...]

[...] November, Jennifer Kreis resigned as an “ambassador” for the Lululemon sportswear company after CEO Chip Wilson said in [...]

Jennifer -
I am coming in really late on this chain of events, of changes that precipitated like a much needed storm! You were the first person I sat in AWE of over your amazing bodily control as I found your program (Hot Body Cool Mind)briefly on Netflix several years ago. I came down with stage IV cancer in my throat/neck area and underwent surgery, chemo and radiation treatments. So I was slowed in acquiring your programs. I since have purchased 12 of your training videos. The presence you have in front of the camera - your smile that meets your eyes, the way you teach some of the history of the programs you are sharing, the respect your project toward us as your students - I have been awe struck by your inner beauty as well as your physique! You maintain such a higher level of respect for yourself and those around you, you are inspiring for me to do the same - to this higher level. This guy is a piece of work and I fully agree and commend you for your immediate segregation from him, his company or any like his. On a completely selfish note though.. How do I follow you around now? Can you simply sell your own products/videos? Will you have your own place to blog? Or is THIS your blog space? Sorry if I am asking dumb questions.
EVERYONE deserves to preserve their own sense of dignity, self respect and personal integrity. No matter where they are from.
So again I commend you for taking swift and decisive actions degrading yourself from anyone that will compromise your personal integrity or sense of what is simply right.
I sincerely hope I can hear from you somehow.

January 14th, 2014

Dear Jennifer,

I just read your blog. I applaud you for your words and your strong conviction. Actually, your thighs are responsible for me taking up Pilates and getting your DVDs. I just had baby #3 and was looking for some way to be able to get back into shape and there you were on the TV doing Method Pilates. You had hips, and thighs and breast and you were (are) in fantastic shape. It was so refreshing to see someone with similar body type to my own. You give me hope, you inspire me and you keep me going. Those 30-40 minutes I spend listening to your instructions are helping me become stronger and get back into shape not just after having kids but after being hindered by sciatica which kept me from exercising for over a year. Thank you so much for being you! You are a true inspiration.

Palma Leslie
April 19th, 2014