When I first read Return to Life, the line that stopped me in my tracks was “Decide to remain true to yourself.”
To me, this statement encapsulates the very essence of The Method.
There is an unparalleled feeling when you do the work and feel it in your own body, when you show up for yourself. You experience a kind of euphoric high that simultaneously makes you feel lighter than air and grounded, confident and powerful. You feel this way, because when you move your body intelligently, allowing the breath to illuminate the path ahead, you enliven and awaken the spirit. You feel lighter because you become more enlightened, more conscious, more alive!
It comes from a dedication to yourself, so that you can be your very best.

Let’s face it, when our businesses grow and we’re teaching hours each day, our own practice suffers. And it’s honestly the most important component to keeping your own inspiration alive and to embodying the work—to serving as an example to others, particularly to your students. As they transform, so do you. As you observe them and take them through the sequences you design for their bodies, you can truly feel what they’re experiencing because you’ve committed yourself to feeling those same sensations in your own body. And you become a more sentient, more compassionate, more inspiring teacher as a result.
Explore how honoring yourself and doing the work makes you an exceptional teacher and entitles you to a lifetime of learning and upward-spiraling excellence. This is true not only in body and mind, but in spirit—how on any given day, even when you’re feeling tired or low, you can meet yourself exactly where you are with lovingkindness and appreciation. It’s how you’ll invite your body to partner with you in your daily excursions and help you rise to your own occasion. It’s how you’ll be true to you!
Don’t you think it’s time that this joyful feeling of self-fulfillment be yours?
Time to rise to your own occasion and make yourself proud. A great teacher is a devoted lifetime student. When you dedicate yourself to being your best, you inspire the same in others. This superlative interconnection between teacher and student provides each with a mirror and when movement is taught from a place of knowing, experience, and joy, it can be passed along in that spirit of dynamism and inspiration. When executed with finesse and vim and vigor, it tempts the onlooker to want to move in the same way! Why? Because the spirit is coming alive through the body, all from having made the commitment, the decision to remain true to you!_mg_9209_web