Today, you are 127 years young. Happy Birthday!


You were a Saggitarius! You HAD to be a cool dude. How could you not have been?! It’s one of my favorite star signs for a man- exemplifying all of the character traits and qualities I esteem: Pioneer, visionary, freedom-lover, philosopher, multi-talent, generous spirit, man for the people. Describes you to a “T” from what I have come to understand, and all that I have personally gleaned by being an avid fan, student and teacher of your work all these years…
Your revolutionary system changed the face of fitness today.
And I can’t help but grow nostalgic and take a stroll down memory lane on this special day. As a budding baby ballerina at age 13, I had no idea what that first mat class taught by the illustrious and endlessly elegant Eve Gentry, one of your beloved disciples, would mean to me one day … that your work would inform and influence the better part of most of my years since then.

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In the spirit of thanks and the holiday that is fast approaching, I would like to thank Lynda Lippin, my Turks and Caicos colleague, for her wonderful review of The Master Trainer DVDs!

In honor of my teachers and all of you out there who are helping to share the genius of Joe Pilates’ revolutionary work, this is for you!


The series has been touted as “THE definite resource for Pilates professionals, teachers-in-training or Pilates devotees wishing to deepen and refine their practice. The most complete DVD series available to help you understand every aspect of the Pilates Method and truly learn the “art of teaching.”

Lynda Lippin’s Pilates Master Trainer DVD Review:


<<Kries is engaging, funny, and clear, while Kim Reis’ form is so perfect you can see every adjustment and movement perfectly. Watching Kries take exercises and break them up into tiny component parts while discussing exactly what is happening with teacher, client, and equipment will make even complex exercises seem easier to teach for pilates teachers of any level. These DVDs will also help teachers learn to take clients into exercises that they may not be comfortable teaching, such a tendon stretch on the chair. I highly recommend this series for any Pilates teacher of any lineage and experience level. You will learn something new in almost every exercise that will be of value to you and your clients.>>

Thank you, Lynda!

Here is the direct link for those of you who would like to purchase a copy of your very own!