Today is the Spring Equinox, the very special time during the year when day is literally equal to night and things are in an almost perfect balance. It is also the day to send out into the universe what you wish to birth. It is the day of new beginnings …

When I look at this awe-inspiring image of the stallion charging down the beach, my spirit soars and all I can think about are new beginnings, movement forward, and manifestation–through energy and intention and motion, what I want to see take flight in my life— what I want to charge ahead with and make into a reality.

And because today presents us with such a unique opening, this equal day and equal night, what comes to mind next is balance— the balance we all seek in our lives– that perfect combination of yin and yang we observe in nature –the very same we strive to create within our own selves.

images1I love this image of the sun and the moon and the energy that flows between them, the rays that are clearly reaching toward one another, and the harmony of that balance. I also love the fact that the moon, a yin energy is curling inward towards the sun, and appears to be receiving the rays that the sun is emitting … and in contrast, the sun faces away from the moon and projects outwardly, demonstrating yang energy, with its face open to the space around it. Yang and yin; sun and moon. Male and female. Day and night. Open and closed. Light and Dark. Opposites. And together, they create balance. Without one, the other could not exist.

I know for myself, as someone with a strong “yang” or male energy, and qualities, I am always trying to balance my energetic predisposition with more yin— the softer, more feminine, reflective energy … and I smile when the word reflective passes across my mental screen once again— reflective, as in the moon, the “mother” symbol of yin.


The very next thought I have is the magical beauty of the subtle energy modalities that help us to mimic the cycles of nature, the balance we observe in nature and to become more like nature in our breaths, our movements, our thoughts … to ebb and flow like the ocean, to bend like the willow, to rise like the flowers out of the earth, to bow our heads like the branches that bow to the earth, in a seeming gesture of reverence.

If we cultivate respect for nature and take the time to observe it in its myriad forms, we evolve and come into balance simply by virtue of being more in touch, in tune with it.

Waking Energy, the unique combination of yin and yang healing movement modalities, is one of the most immediate and effective ways to touch nature, both inside and out … with every exercise, you learn to harness the energy of the universe and funnel it into your own body to activate the natural healing potential that exists within each of us. You can create that perfect balance of equal day and equal night within your own being … equal yang and equal yin.

When the body is in balance, the mind is clear and the spirit can soar and charge ahead into new spaces, where anything you dream of can become your reality.

Remember on this eve of the Vernal Equinox: Your thoughts are pure energy and energy is intention … your intention forms your reality, and with pure energy, your dreams, what you imagine for yourself can become your reality.

And now ask yourself:

What do you intend for yourself?

Are you in balance? What do you need to create this equal day and equal night inside you? This perfect balance of yang and yin so that you can create optimal health and well-being, with more than ample energy and glowing good health to accomplish your goals and make your wishes into your every day—what you live in your life … this life of yours.


2 Responses to “Spring Equinox: Yin=Yang”

“Opposites. And together, they create balance. Without one, the other could not exist.”

How true =-)

Notice too how the yin element moon quietly holds space for the yang sun energy as it projects outward, looking away, but the true power of the yin/yang union is when the sun turns its face to meet the moon’s loving yet different support, and the combination radiates them both with a love and happiness that was not visible by each of their unique energies alone.

“Opposites. And together, they create balance. Without one, the other could not exist.”


March 22nd, 2010

Hello Jennifer! :)

I just wanted to let you know that, I have been doing your DVD The New Method for about 2 months now. And every single day I keep at it. I do sculpting one day, and then toning the next. And I switch on and off. It has worked wonders!! I love it! Thank you SO much for a way to loose weight that I havent given up on! You have helped me be a better, healthier me :)<3

Much love,

April 2nd, 2010