Today, I started my day with Waking Energy, and I felt so inspired after my practice that I knew I had to write about it and tell you why it always leaves me feeling new again! Any stiffness, any lethargy- GONE! After just fifteen minutes of easy, invigorating practice, I feel like I’m 19 again- (but better)! Better because I have greater appreciation for the incredible and rapid transformation that I have the power to unleash- better because I am older and wiser and now have the patience and grace to truly acknowledge and savor the innate gifts in my being that lead to my own empowerment! There is nothing better!

Waking Energy is simple; Anyone, any fitness level, any age can do it. Waking Energy is powerful. The energy you can tap into right there inside your own body, combined with the energy of nature that surrounds you, is limitless …  It is revolutionary. It contains elements from all of my favorite rejuvenating practices- it is an electric tapestry of movement and poetry for your soul that I wove together over time, honoring the timeless wisdom of ancient masters, made new again- for you … It is about claiming your birthright– glowing, good health, freedom, empowerment, joy and abundance. It is about nature and perfect balance; day and night, hot and cool, yang and yin, and that when you recognize your own true nature, this same balance can exist in you where all of the healing energy you will ever need is waiting to be awakened.

In the Waking Energy program, I have assembled some of the most effective techniques from rejuvenating practices of the East, turning to the ancients for their timeless wisdom. These are MY favorite energy practices–my workouts that I do to start every day. Accessible, but incredibly potent and powerful. These are the practices and rituals that I do to invest in myself and my life force, replenishing my reserves and rejuvenating my body, mind and spirit. When I create the time and space to detach from my thinking mind, ironically I become more mindful, more conscious, as I move into the body where I can feel and breathe and reconnect to my true nature.

I have a passion for these movement sequences and the way they make me feel, how they bring me closer to myself and the world around me– how through some perfect combination of alchemy and magic, they bring things into perspective, reminding me of what really matters. In mere moments, I can change my mood, and move from darkness to light.

Daily, I am reminded by doing this practice that I have the power to heal myself, that when I take the time to love and care for myself, I not only serve myself, but others who come in contact with me–I do my small part to make the world a better place. When I heal myself, I heal the world.

There is no separation between our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions and the world around us. We are but a microcosm of the same living, breathing planet we call home. For this reason, it is imperative that we dedicate more time to caring for our bodies– our temple– the way we must care for our world– That we acknowledge, cherish, and protect our natural resources that we depend upon with our lives. That we treat ourselves with respect, reverence and love and offer the same to others.

This work is intended to bring you closer to these truths, to your truth. To show you through these sacred, timeless movements, that there truly is no separation, only surrender.
When you learn to surrender to the moment and to the rhythms of nature, you will feel an energized calm and the feeling that anything is possible, and within your reach. You will feel hopeful, positive, optimistic, empowered. And at times when you feel overwhelmed by life, you will find relief. You will feel younger, more fluid, more flexible, more patient with greater reserves and compassion.

Waking Energy features several distinct sections that can either stand alone as their own complete practices, or as parts of a whole.
In each individual segment, you will be have the opportunity to do exercises that not only benefit, tone and strengthen each part of the body, the outer body we can see, but you will also go deep inside to harmonize and balance the breathing, flowing, circulating subtle energy body that vibrates and lives beneath the surface. You will activate and balance your Meridian and chakra systems– the intricate and sophisticated network of energy pathways –the interior world that interfaces with and reflects our activities, circumstances, moods and choices.

The beautiful secret and symmetry to this program is that it mirrors life; Although each segment has a specific focus, each addresses ALL aspects of the body and mind, simultaneously and each individual segment is a microcosm of the whole, just as we are individual microcosms of the world around us. Done together, they serve to complete a circle, bringing all of the subtle energy systems into harmony and balance. You can do just one section and feel confident that you have stimulated and activated all energy centers and conditioned your entire being.

The Waking Energy practices address all of your body’s systems, inside and out, combining practices from qigong, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, the 5 tibetans and yin. They can be done any time of day or night and each will give you exactly what you need: reduced stress, perfect balance, boundless energy and peace of mind.

We start with invigorating, muscle-soothing, playful, and sensual qigong-inspired self massage seated and standing, to literally get in touch with ourselves and feel grounded and secure in the body, connected to the earth. Then we will learn how to activate and unleash powerful prana shakti, our primal life energy, and channel it up through the spine with the Kundalini seated and standing series, stimulating our center of creativity, and sexuality. We then move onto the qigong standing series, activating our dan tien, life force center and the meridian system, harnessing universal chi and our own energy to heal and regenerate. Then finally to unite the body’s total energy systems and all 7 chakras, we will practice the 5 Tibetans for empowerment, and Yin Yoga, going deeper into our fasciae, stimulating and harmonizing our meridian system and corresponding organs, to move held emotions out of our bodies and make space for new life energy, cultivating a deep, energized calm.

This is one fitness for all– for all aspects of your body, mind and spirit, for all of the chakras, and the meridians, for all of you regardless of age, fitness level or experience, for the worlds that we are as individuals, and the worlds outside, mother earth and beyond==into the universe.

When I do these practices, I heal myself. And that healing ripples out in concentric circles of energy, touching the lives of others.
Come experience them for yourself and turn back the hands of time!

The Waking Energy Immersion and Teacher Training: Kripalu, June 26th-July 1st …

See you there!

Heal yourself. Heal the world.


One Response to “Welcome to Your Fountain of Youth!”

You’ve written it so beautifully, that I can’t help but be intrigued about it. And this can all be achieved in just over 15 minutes? I’m on board!

June 7th, 2011