When I first read Joseph Pilates’ Return to Life, the line that stopped me in my tracks was “Decide to remain true to yourself.” To me, this statement encapsulates the very essence of The Method.

There is an unparalleled feeling when you do the work and feel it in your own body. When you show up for yourself,  you experience a kind of euphoric high that simultaneously makes you feel lighter than air and grounded, confident and powerful. You feel this way, because when you move your body intelligently, allowing the breath to illuminate the path ahead, you enliven and awaken the spirit. You feel lighter because you become more enlightened, more conscious, more sentient!

It comes from a commitment to yourself and the practice of following through, so that you can be your very best.

When you honor yourself and do the work, you are rewarded. You are left with a feeling of magic brewing … you are reminded of what it feels like to be truly alive! When you dedicate yourself consistently to a ritual of self-love, it entitles you to a lifetime of learning and upward-spiraling excellence, not only in body and mind, but in spirit—how on any given day, even when you’re feeling tired or low, meeting yourself exactly where you are with lovingkindness and appreciation is how you’ll invite your body to partner with you in your daily excursions and help you rise to your own occasion— to be true to you!


Don’t you think it’s time that this joyful feeling of self-fulfillment be yours?

Time to rise to your own occasion and make yourself proud. When you commit to being your best, you inspire the same in others–hence the origins of “living by example … ” This superlative interconnection between the self and the world at large, particularly our trusted intimates, provides everyone who chooses to notice the connection– with a mirror. When movement springs from a place of knowing and experience, like the truth itself, it can be passed along in that same spirit of purity, dynamism and inspiration. Executed with finesse, vim and vigor, even the simplest gesture tempts the onlooker to want to move in the same way! Why? Because it’s magic. You’ve turned it on and it’s irresistible.


Do you know the new Coldplay song, “Adventure of a Lifetime?”

When I first heard it a mere two weeks ago, I had already begun to rise like Persephone from the underworld to fling her spectacular spring canopy over the earth, but when I really tuned into the lyrics, my spirit rocketed through my being and exploded into a meteor shower over my head!

Having been “underground” for almost two years moving through some cataclysmic life transitions and working on my book— at times, I wasn’t sure that I would ever find my way up and out again.

Little did I know that while down below, the dark weight was returning me to my truest self and shaping my every facet so that like a gorgeous whale breaching I could break through the surface, reclaim my joy, and like a diamond fully formed anew,  truly shine!


Isn’t that the magic of life, really?! It’s only by venturing into the cave, confronting our greatest fears and moving through them, that we can emerge with the treasure. The treasure is YOU. Your true self. And when you align with your true self and let it lead the way, life is full of surprises. If you believe in yourself and you replace negative thoughts with heart-felt wishes, dreams and desires, the universe conspires to help you manifest your most brilliant destiny!

When you turn your magic on, everything you want’s a dream away …

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Turn your magic on, to me she’d say Everything you want’s a dream away We are legends, every day That’s what she told him

May 6th, 2016