Tonight, I want to pay tribute to my friend, Maya White and her always inspiring astrological readings, by featuring her October forecast that arrived in my mailbox today, just in time for the New Moon in Libra happening tonight!

As she says in the excerpt below, this new moon is about cleaning up the past and strengthening that which is already in motion, and my day today, was completely filled with exactly that– cleaning up the past in order to make space for what I have set in motion, the star-points of my future.  This new moon in Libra is also about relationships, and commitment and integrity– the very underpinnings of what make a relationship viable and fruitful. And while we tend to think about relationships as those unions we form with others, tonight, I am thinking most especially of the relationship I have with myself, and the commitment and integrity I wish to strengthen within my own being for my own development and soul evolution, so that each relationship with another that I invite into my sphere serves the highest good in each partner.

Tonight I embrace the challenges that I faced today as I struggled with the very daunting task of wrestling with some choices I made long ago, that are playing out in my life even as I type these words onto the page. Among other things, life is a series of lessons and the choices we make that creates them. Today, I felt trapped inside my own mind, slave to negative thought patterns that kept circling back on themselves, and I was filled with regret and anger.

Then I went for a run through the forest. And things started to change. As I cleared a path through the trees, moving underbrush out of my way, I cleared a path in my mind, through to the other side, to my body, where I could start to see clearly again, because I was no longer fighting with my conscious mind; I had entered the realm of the real truth– I felt my legs moving powerfully underneath me, my arms swinging, my heart beating, the blood pulsing through my veins, new breath and chi getting pulled into my being with every new breath, and I felt my being-ness, I felt my power, I felt my feelings, the energy that has been trapped inside, stuffed down by my thinking mind that had tried in such a desperate frenzy to control the external— the uncontrollable. As I ran through the forest, dappled in end-of-day sun, I felt the hush of nature and the whisper of the nocturnal creatures starting to stir, and my problem no longer held the same weight. I had the sudden realization that in the grand scheme of things– in life, my situation was so very small and inconsequential– and that if this had been my last day on this earth, is this how I would have wanted to spend it? Fretting over something, losing vital life force over something that was soul-crushing. I realized that my “story” was temporary, that I was being presented with the opportunity to clean up this past decision and resulting upset and start anew; I could start in a more self-loving way, so that the next time I was presented with a similar decision, I would make a better one motivated by acknowledging my self-worth, not by selling myself short as I had done, betraying myself, over a year ago now, but paying the price today. And more importantly, rather than reasoning with my mind, I would go deep inside and be still; I would listen to the message of the body, the truth that always rises up inside, and I would root myself in my being, in nature–integrating body and mind, not splitting off from it, as I had learned to do as a child … and as a result, I would embrace myself — the empowered woman I am today.

The lesson is that with every “price we pay,” we also get a gift in return if we can see it.

So tonight I give thanks for the challenge, as torturous as it was today, because tonight, it becomes spun gold, the filament on which I will string the pearls and gems of my dreams–in preparation for 10.10.10– the day of manifestation and perfection, (read Maya’s excerpt below and be prepared to feel inspired! and the life I wish to live …  One of  inspiration and transformation, great artistry and service, fire and magic, love and expansion, exploration inside and out,  growth and evolution, an ever-upward spiraling dance of creation and appreciation! Sung on the winds of the New Moon in Libra! Tonight, I am healing the old wounds! I bless them and send them into the ethers- into the cosmos to become enlightened energy! Tonight I strengthen my purpose, and I face my entire being in the direction of what I wish to see manifest in the year ahead … in my life ahead! And I forgive myself for my human foibles, I love myself and honor and accept myself completely, and know that next time, I will be true to myself by listening to my deepest gut instinct the first time, and the moment my head interferes, I will know to dismiss it.  ”True Mind” is not the mind, but the belly, and today, mine has spoken the truth of the ages, and the message I am hearing tonight is a melody, and the most beautiful sound I have heard in a long time … it is the song of my heart, the song of truth, the song of healing ancient wounds and clearing the path ahead.

I sign off tonight with the following quote from an ancient master which sums up this day for me:

“To know others is wisdom
To know yourself is enlightenment
To master others requires force
To master yourself requires true strength.”

~Lao Tzu

Libra New Moon* Healing Ancient Wounds

Maya White

Welcome to one more cycle of renewal and regeneration. Each month, at the time of New Moon we have an opportunity to set our intentions for the evolving lunar cycle ahead; we chart our course and set sail. At the time of first quarter moon, we evaluate our actions and adjust our course if necessary. This cycle has Saturn influence powrerfully interwoven into the phases. Saturn creates structure, and steady growth. It also rules things that are old.

And, this month, the Full Moon illuminates the critical 29th degree of Aries. Last month opened the cycle of courage and initiative in the earliest 0 degree of Aries. Now, with the October lunation at 29 Aries, we bear the fruit of our skill in relationships. We also understand our skill in the critical aspecs of Aries. Lastly, this New Moon asks: what have you learned about give and take in relationships?

In the early hours of the morning on October 8th Venus stations retrograde to begin her long journey into the underworld. From October 24th until November 4th Venus completely disappears from the evening sky, and this is the time of the mythological story of Inanna and Erishkigal. The goddess Venus is symbolically stripped of her adornments and left as just a hanging skeleton of bare bones- she gains the strength of Saturn which is committment and integrity.

On November 4th she returns as a morning star. The Maya generally considered Venus’s first appearance in the morning sky as a good day for warfare; an early example of ’star wars.’ This retrograde of Venus will prove frustrating to many of us who are eager to move ahead with our financial plans; things will not really expand until late in the year when Venus actually clears the shadow of her previous forward motion which is on Winter Solstice, December 21st! With Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune all in retrograde motion, the next months are best for cleaning up the past and strengthening that which is already in motion.

I will close with a Mayan interpretation of the number 10. Those who follow the numbers of our Gregorian calendar ascribe a significance to the date 10:10:10 - Sunday October 10th. The Mayan Dreamspell system considers the number 10 to be the Planetary Tone of Manifestation and perfection. The 10th tone is the point at which manifestation occurs. By having undertaken careful preparation all that remains is to focus on perfection.

Keywords for Libra and the 7th House:

Balance * Relationship * Equality * Contracts * Partnerships

“To decide to view yourself as a complete stranger, someone who has
just stepped ashore in your life is a liberating exercise. Gradually you
begin to sense the mystery and magic of yourself. You realize that you
are not the helpless owner of a deadened life but rather a temporary guest gifted with blessings and possibilities you could neither invent nor earn.”

(John O’Donohue, Anam Cara, A Book of Celtic Wisdom)