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I injured my knees from strength training. I have patellofemoral pain on my right knee. Is it advisable to do pilates and yoga in this condition?
Also I need to lose 30 pounds. Will pilates help? In my experience, my body responds to strength training and aerobics. I have practised yoga on and off for 20 years , great for mind and flexibility but not for an ounce of weight loss.

I would appreciate your feedback.
Great hot body cool mind workout for calming the mind.

December 3rd, 2008

Hi Vidya,

Thanks for your note and glad you are enjoying Hot Body Cool Mind! Which DVDs from the series do you have? The new Level 2 and 3 and the 4-pack are out this month and can be ordered on my site: http://www.JenniferKries.com.
As far as whether it is advisable or not to do Pilates and Yoga with your knee condition, it really depends on what your physician has told you. And after a prognosis, I would recommend trying Pilates for your rehabilitation. The Pilates apparatus is especially beneficial for knee rehab. I just released my new Master Trainer series and the Chair DVD in this series would help you tremendously as well as finding a qualified teacher in your area.

Good luck and best wishes~

December 3rd, 2008

Jennifer–I love you! I have a flat stomach and strong legs after devotion to your pilates/yoga workouts. I am a ballroom dance competitior–your tapes/dvds are my fitness program. I would love to come to a retreat or class at your studio. I live in WV, so that is managable for me. I would love to meet you!! Please send me some information.

Melissa Gill
February 12th, 2009