A New Dawn: The Divine Feminine
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one
~John Lenon

After witnessing the extraordinary display of passion and purpose around the globe for womenkind and our rights–really for all human rights, announcing our strength to the new (you’ll excuse the expression) President, I thought I would offer up some writing –an excerpt I wrote last year from my upcoming Harper Collins release, Waking Energy …. because all of Waking Energy is about the energy of love.

And when you come from love, anything is possible …

I feel like singing Imagine right now. Though we have started to wake up in fundamental ways, we have a long way to go. The utter insanity of humanity and the destruction and violence we have wreaked against nature, one another, our wild life, and our natural world provokes rage inside me, and brings me to tears. Our continued unconscious actions threaten life on this planet. We have arrived at a place where the wounds of this conflict are a reflection of our individual and collective disconnection from the very source of all life.

We are being called into an era of conscious evolution, to collectively heal the discord and disharmony and to reconnect to ourselves and each other, to actively participate in creating a new earth, centered in the awareness of our inherent oneness— to finally acknowledge that we are connected with all that is.
In order for us to heal ourselves and the planet, we need to honor the Divine Feminine energy of creation—Gaia, the Goddess of earth, our connection to love, to nature, the source of creation and life itself. Oracle and insight, wisdom, intuition, love, the Divine Feminine is the force of love and unity that flows within our individual and collective psyche, male and female alike.
In early history, people of the earth revered the Goddess. They celebrated a heart centered and vibrant connection to nature and their bodies, enjoying rich creativity and a pouring forth of light and love. Even during the Dark Ages, the ancient wisdom traditions, from Tantra to Taoism rejected formal, puritanical missives, always opening new doors, inviting women to share their expansive knowledge, often deferring to them, studying under their tutelage, and above all, honoring them for their intuition, insight and strengths. Recognizing themselves in one another, with the Taiji, female and male co-creative energies of the universe, responsible for all life—the yin-yang balance an ever-presence in their consciousness and the way they lived their lives, they made no class distinctions between their own male and female aspects. Seeing them as separate parts of a greater whole, they sought to abolish derisive differences, and instead embraced their mutual gifts, profiting in ways their Western counterparts could never imagine.

Then darkness fell. In the West, the medieval, iron-clad doors of the patriarchy and organized religion forced the doors shut, blocking out the sun, throwing its heavy, black mantle over the light, coercing us to condemn and deny our own heart-centered expression and nature. We were forced to forsake our natural sexual urges, and sublimate them. Women were forbidden to flourish in the open air of their strengths, in the daylight and forced into the shadows. The feminine was relegated to silence, plunged into pain and darkness, and we disconnected from the energy of creation. A doctrine of fear, dominance, and control, the patriarchy from its inception has been out of alignment with love and nature, determined to shame, diminish and restrict yin, and deify yang. A will to suppress, borne of insecurity and jealousy, intimidated by women’s innate gifts, the patriarchy has tried to coerce society into believing that female is inferior to male, and we have all suffered the heinous consequences that this convoluted hypocrisy has created for women and men, all of humanity and nature herself.
Our history and current world conditions speak volumes about the patriarchy and the suppression of the feminine, of its wonder, mysticism, feeling and free expression— for millennia, enlisting humanity into religious stricture and despair, based on hearsay, censorship, and violence to support its stance. Arising around man’s attempt to control that which cannot be controlled— the force that creates life itself, the patriarchy proliferated from a lack of strength, confidence and above all, an imbalance in male and female energies that fueled the compulsion to dominate and vanquish the Divine Feminine. Long ago we made an agreement to abandon our feeling selves, our natural right to feel pleasure and joy, to express ourselves. We permitted a combination of our upbringing, education, societal and religious influences rife with the insidious mythologies of the “Original sin,” to reinforce the illusion of separation, and we allowed that amorphous, unfounded guilt, shame and inhibition to propagate, deafening our inner voice and repressing our creative energies. We agreed to live within obdurate strictures that demanded the very denial of our essence. We allowed ourselves to be comprised, succumbing to the power of intimidation based on fallacious concepts surrounding our inherently “tainted” nature, demanding that we deny our own power, our naturalness, our beauty, keeping us blindfolded—and in so doing, preventing us from recognizing our own light—our own divinity and union with others and our world.
And in spite of it, we continue to move towards the light, towards love. In spite of it, we continue to hope and create and climb, scaling the mountains to reach the summit where our higher natures rejoice, where possibility hums and floats like the sun’s coronal rays. For the first time in history, the Catholic church has not only recognized, but blessed gay marriage, and agreed that a woman has the right to choose what she wants to do with her body— astounding evidence that even in darkness, the light is shining through once again—the Divine Feminine is returning to its former glory and blazing new trails.
To redeem history’s errors, and our own complicity in limiting our potential, we must usher in a new time where pleasure and joy are fundamental to our lives, where we resonate with our deep intuition and feelings. To live joyfully, and to fully acknowledge our inherent divinity, which should be core to our lives, we must stop renouncing our power, giving it away in the hopes that those we surrender to, the same who demand that we deny our very nature and right of expression will some how save us, redeem us, make us whole, when we don’t require saving in the first place. This renunciation of our self-love and autonomy is a by product of the subversive, counterintuitive, unnatural way we have all been living our lives—for thousands of years! And it is how we have given away so much of our precious life force, our spirit and our energy.
No wonder so many of us feel lost, alone and despairing. The old way which vacillates between heaven and hell, rather than heaven and earth, between punishment and relief or reward has not worked. Only when we can we acknowledge ourselves as loving, deserving beings, can we wake up— do the work to become awakened—emotionally expressive and examined, intelligent, empathetic, responsible, compassionate, self-reliant and free. When we can liberate ourselves and shine the light on our limitless potential, we can take action and free what has been hiding in the shadows, begging to be released. Then we can wake the energy and experience the riches—the freedom and vitality we all long for in the deepest part of our hearts.
To birth our awareness of our inherent divinity, we must reunite with the sacred feminine essence within each of us that is our life force, allowing our deep intuitive knowledge to guide us, investing our efforts in balancing the masculine and the feminine that results in our most vibrant life force. We must honor both and cultivate the awareness to create a new dawn, a time and place that calls our every aspect to the fore, to be integrated and celebrated. We must trust our deepest knowing —that there is a way to live without fear of punishment or taboo, where we can thrive in balance—in creative expression, love, freedom and abundance—in energy!
To achieve balance, the interplay between the masculine and feminine needs to be in concert with one other, and with Mother Earth and come from the energy of love. The Divine Feminine is love, the most powerful energy that exists, and this is a powerful time— a turning point unlike anything else we have experienced in our history. The patriarchy is gasping for its last breaths, and Gaia, the Divine Feminine and reverence for yin, the earth, receiving, and feeling is rising once again. And still, we have allowed ourselves to get swept up in the ever-escalating tsunami of distraction—a dangerous and insidious iteration, a modern-day residue of the patriarchy. How will we reclaim our freedom and independence and not get lost in the overwhelm of our lives? How do we find ourselves again?
It starts inside your own heart— a decision to become embodied.
Back to Imagine. Imagine this: See and feel your own magnetic field balanced, your inner light radiating like the sun itself, captivating everyone you meet, inviting them to join you in this new way of being. And you will be doing your part to usher in this new dawn— a time like no other in our history, that heralds the masculine revering the feminine once again, seeing her within himself, recognizing the undivided nature of its opposite, the sun flinging its welcome carpet down for the moon, the trumpets sounding, flags flying high, finally acknowledging, as the ancients did, that everything arises from yin—the Great Mother, the primordial void from which all life springs. To live into our destinies—to be love, to create a new reality, we must stem the tide of complexity and return to simplicity, quiet, listening, receiving, allowing, expressing. If we want to help to heal and balance the world, we need to start in the body—energizing, creating, dancing, dreaming, meditating—everything that helps us to leave our troubles behind and move into the deepest parts of who we are so that we can taste peace, and flow with nature.
The more you learn to give and receive, the sooner others will start to do the same. When you embrace your own yin and yang, your own shadow and light, you live in balance. You stay centered in your core, where heaven and earth naturally meet, and you plug into source energy, where your magnetic field becomes energized. You charge your being, manifest reserves and have enough to share, to live by example, healing the world around you. The energy you radiate, will draw others to follow in your light. We are the link between the earth and the sky, holding the balance between the upper and lower worlds and everything in between. We have the power to manifest our dreams, if we can awaken and harness our passions, channelling them the way we do our energy. Our future depends on our ability to evolve into a loving awareness of our oneness, our unity, and divinity to usher in a new dawn. To heal and evolve, we must reunite with every aspect of who we are and move beyond thinking and into our hearts as we chart the path to healing and wholeness. We need to heal the collective psyche of the past, creating space for the conscious mind and heart to open and expand. We need to recover our connection to earth, to source energy and the wisdom and principles of life. To consciously evolve, we need to adjust the beliefs and systems in our world that are out of alignment with life.
History has spoken of our failure to balance opposing forces with the descent into destruction and violence. Because yin and yang is a dance of opposites, we know that it is in celebrating our differences that healing can happen and that each one of us carries the other inside us. Life is the creative force where oneness, energetic balance and harmony prevail. The vibratory force of our ultimate creativity— the force of life makes no value distinctions between masculine and feminine—it seeks the energy of love, from which infinite possibilities are born.
Embracing the Divine Feminine means welcoming our natural impulses to create and express ourselves, to love ourselves and one other. If we move forward in this way, every moment can be a gift, every moment a movement towards balance, just imagine it … heaven on earth, feeling more alive than you’ve ever been—leading to some of the greatest bliss you can ever know.