Today, I started my day with Waking Energy, and I felt so inspired after my practice that I knew I had to write about it and tell you why it always leaves me feeling new again! Any stiffness, any lethargy- GONE! After just fifteen minutes of easy, invigorating practice, I feel like I’m 19 again- (but better)! Better because I have greater appreciation for the incredible and rapid transformation that I have the power to unleash- better because I am older and wiser and now have the patience and grace to truly acknowledge and savor the innate gifts in my being that lead to my own empowerment! There is nothing better!

Waking Energy is simple; Anyone, any fitness level, any age can do it. Waking Energy is powerful. The energy you can tap into right there inside your own body, combined with the energy of nature that surrounds you, is limitless …  It is revolutionary. It contains elements from all of my favorite rejuvenating practices- it is an electric tapestry of movement and poetry for your soul that I wove together over time, honoring the timeless wisdom of ancient masters, made new again- for you … It is about claiming your birthright– glowing, good health, freedom, empowerment, joy and abundance. It is about nature and perfect balance; day and night, hot and cool, yang and yin, and that when you recognize your own true nature, this same balance can exist in you where all of the healing energy you will ever need is waiting to be awakened.

In the Waking Energy program, I have assembled some of the most effective techniques from rejuvenating practices of the East, turning to the ancients for their timeless wisdom. These are MY favorite energy practices–my workouts that I do to start every day. Accessible, but incredibly potent and powerful. These are the practices and rituals that I do to invest in myself and my life force, replenishing my reserves and rejuvenating my body, mind and spirit. When I create the time and space to detach from my thinking mind, ironically I become more mindful, more conscious, as I move into the body where I can feel and breathe and reconnect to my true nature.

I have a passion for these movement sequences and the way they make me feel, how they bring me closer to myself and the world around me– how through some perfect combination of alchemy and magic, they bring things into perspective, reminding me of what really matters. In mere moments, I can change my mood, and move from darkness to light.

Daily, I am reminded by doing this practice that I have the power to heal myself, that when I take the time to love and care for myself, I not only serve myself, but others who come in contact with me–I do my small part to make the world a better place. When I heal myself, I heal the world.

There is no separation between our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions and the world around us. We are but a microcosm of the same living, breathing planet we call home. For this reason, it is imperative that we dedicate more time to caring for our bodies– our temple– the way we must care for our world– That we acknowledge, cherish, and protect our natural resources that we depend upon with our lives. That we treat ourselves with respect, reverence and love and offer the same to others.

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One year ago today, my Anam Cara reached through time and space and found me! And
we have been inseparably bonded ever since.

On May 4, 2010, my life would never be the same again.
Today, my heart is filled with gratitude to know such devoted and abiding love, such truth and integrity in friendship, such laughter and levity, such depth and profundity- the challenge to reach beyond myself and what I knew, what was comfortable, what was safe.
To know this kind of love that makes us grow into inhabiting a new self, a self that is more evolved and more connected to the things in life that truly matter …
Lao Tzu said,
“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; Loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
Having the courage to love yourself, however, well… that gives you happiness.
And on this anniversary day, I am celebrating this notion of loving- loving myself and another and the courage it takes in those moments when we want to abandon the underlying and steadfast truths we know exist in our hearts, to overcome history’s insidious call to return to our less-evolved selves.
Today, I celebrate the courage it takes to love- to love in all moments, in all ways- to love oneself, to love another, to take these leaps of faith, when we take a chance on ourselves and we reach all the way across the universe, into the great unknown- when we haven’t the slightest notion what waits for us there …

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