Before the new moon arrives at its apex this evening, I wanted to write a welcome note to the Tiger who blesses us all with its presence this weekend!

In the words of my dear friend, Maya White …
1) Act decisively and be on time - Tigers hate to wait.
2) Get in shape - Tigers like it when you are sleek & healthy.
3) Speak up & use your voice - a tiger roars!
4) Be playful and joyous - Tigers like to have fun.
5) Adorn yourself with beautiful jewels - Tigers especially like collar style necklaces, and the enlightened ones wear fake fur.
Now is the time to act with your highest intentions and step into the light!
The blazing light of the sun– shine light on the truth– your truth and move into what calls you from the very depths of your heart and soul.
There is no time to waste!

Leap out into new realms, places you have always wanted to go, but never have.

Walk the path you have always been curious about and marry your thoughts and words with your actions … inhabit true integrity and see what manifests as a result!
This is a special, deeply spiritual weekend— the new moon for new beginnings, the new chinese year– a bold, beautiful WHITE metal tiger to leap forward with … and Valentine’s Day!
Today is a day loaded with the most auspicious cosmic energy and love.
Love yourself and see how the doors and windows to your innermost self open wide and how that attracts all that you wish for …
Trust to love and the rest will follow.

Happy NEW YEAR to all!
Welcome, you beautiful tiger! Come on in and hear me roar with you!

Sending my intentions up through the kundalini snake starting at the root and traveling all the way up through every chakra into the universe where the moon smiles from her perch on high in enlightened acknowledgment and celebration!

Love love love ~~~~
Aum Mani Pad Me Hum–
May the lotus of possibility blossom for you this year 1,000 fold!