Happy New Year Everyone!


I was just downstairs eating some wonderful french toast with blueberries and bananas, drenched in maple syrup and suddenly, Snatam Kaur” started singing on my ipod random play,” and before I knew it, I was out of my seat, jamming like there was no tomorrow! Right there in the kitchen, swiveling my hips, carving through space with my arms, in big, celebratory flourishes, shaking every part of my body in this beautiful, driving, harmonious, rhythmic flow– letting the music ignite my every cell, coming alive and being the music, every nuance, every subtle sound. GOD! It was AMAZING! Her voice is so pure, and so powerful because of that– so true … and the music, the mesmerizing, pulsating beat behind the purity of her clear voice that floats above the bass, but somehow lives inside it at the same time was the very thing that called me– and literally lifted me out of my chair, onto the “dance floor …” Read the rest of this entry »