Thank you HelenThank you Jacob

As I sit here at my computer this last night of 2009, I can hear the “test run” for the fireworks over the Camden River here in Philadelphia.
What a year this has been … a year, one of  the most challenging ever, but by far, the richest in life lessons, lessons that have been fully integrated and absorbed– true gifts that I have opened myself to and taken in fully. They have changed me. I am changed forever. And I am grateful. So grateful.
For every loss, there has been a gift offered in its place.

Tonight, on the eve of this turning of the decade, I want to give thanks to the people who have helped me to move into this new space and time, and I offer them love and forgiveness and compassion and send them all, human and canine alike, wishes for peace and happiness and freedom.
And to all of you out there, take a moment to give thanks to the people who have helped you to arrive at this place where you stand today.
And then set an intention, make a wish for what you want to do, to be, where you want to go in the coming year … what you want to manifest.

Wish on this blue moon and on this New Year’s Eve … take a deep breath into your belly, feel it expand with your life force– give thanks for that!  And then as you exhale, let go … let go of what you no longer need so that you can make way for what you want to bring into your life. It’s real, all of it– your energy, your intention, your wishes. Think carefully of what they are, these wishes—-breathe into them and then watch them sail into the ethers, carried upward by the currents of air swirling up, higher and higher towards that big, blue moon.

Wishing you love, health, happiness, freedom, peace and true JOY this New Year’s Eve 2009!