This entry today (Which was really written yesterday, June 11 and this morning, June 12th) is a preview of my next installment called “Let Us Recognize Ourselves in One Another.”

Consider this a multi-media forum of offerings from friends of mine and people who have moved me recently with their soulful contributions about the workings of the spirit and our collective destinies …

I have been thinking lately about the process of healing– the gift that challenges present us with after we have figured out how to meet them and work through them, rather than avoiding them with “quick fix” solutions, that are not solutions at all, but mere bandaids. When we choose these “easy” solutions, which are in fact not solutions at all, we rob ourselves of the chance to experience healing from the inside out … we completely circumvent the very process that will set our souls free from the suffering that we all create for ourselves. The expression “pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice,” is really true in the end. I never wanted to admit to it, but how true it is. What we fight, we continue to repeat and repeat, like the water wheel that keeps turning round and round. If you want to get off of the merry-go-round of repetition, break the cycle. Make the choice to stop the madness, and you can do it. You can do it by sitting still long enough to f e e l and breathe … even if what comes up doesn’t feel pleasant, it will be real, and when you give yourself permission to feel, whatever hurts, whatever makes your heart ache is allowed to surface and bubble, and boil and then dissipate, just like the water that boils in a pot and then evaporates as steam into the air that surrounds it– the same thing happens with our emotions when we give them space and  a way out– a way out of the body and the mind.  Pain and heartache, anger and frustration– when we give ourselves permission to “be with” those feelings and we allow ourselves to respond, we move them out– we feel lighter, we feel better, we feel more spacious, we feel more peaceful. We create space for what is new and we move the old, stagnant “chi” or energy OUT. We cry, we moan, we express. We do exactly what we, as human beings in society are told NOT to do! “Don’t cry– you’ll ruin your make-up,” or “Big boys don’t cry– be a MAN!” Oh the robbery! The robbery of the very thing that would set us all free! Express yourself, breathe, cry, let it out– it’s okay. It’s better than okay– it is the thing that will set you free and make you feel better– without that pill, or that drink, or that smoke, or that tryst.

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