So for the past few weeks I have been ranting to my friends and family about how modern technology–cell phones in particular are truly the demise of civilization as we know it. Then enter Facebook, a networking service that I myself profit from and participate in … admittedly I am somewhat fascinated by it because it is a social study in and of itself– how people literally invite you into their very private, albeit sometimes mundane moments, expecting that you will be interested, or thinking that they will feel less alone if they tell you that they are doing things like getting plastic surgery or leaving their husbands—but are they really connecting the way they think they are? Or is Facebook, like the cell phone yet another way for us to delude ourselves into thinking we are growing closer– widening the world-wide gap and creating greater intimacy with our peers, our “network?” Another layer of effort and distraction, bells and whistles, clubs to join, virtual hello kitty stickers to plant on your friends, instant messages and on and on and on— what about the good old fashioned meeting for tea to catch up?!!!! What ever happened to that? So you can’t meet your old friend who now lives in Barcelona for a tea, and in that way, Facebook is great– it helps you to know where old flames, old acquaintances and people you sort of knew in your circle somewhere —wind up. But like cell phones and text messaging, which really bloody drives me crazy, is Facebook a time-eater that is literally taking us away day by day, removing us from our ability to interact with others in a quality way, in a patient way, is it compromising our patience and our ability to listen to our friends before speaking? Privacy! What about privacy? All of the information you post on Facebook is public domain. And anyone and everyone will know at some point, usually at lightning fast speed those incredibly personal, private, sacred facts you chose to mount on “THE (infamous) WALL” during that momentary lapse of reason you had when you drank a bit too much and pushed “send” or “post” for all to see. Read the rest of this entry »