gab_3622.jpgWhen I think about where we all are right now in this time of tremendous economic strife and strain, my mind goes to the wisdom of my old friend, William James, the 19th and 20th Century psychologist and philosopher. William James was a big proponent of respecting and nourishing the body-mind connection, and evidence of this shows up in a good bit of his philosophical writings. I have often found myself smiling when I go back into my own archives and read what he wrote all the way back in the late 1800’s—nothing has changed really about human psychology and our pre-dispositions … our tendency to allow ourselves to get pulled off-center and become consumed by the concerns of life. And in so doing , we forget to take care of ourselves, we neglect ourselves. Tell me, do you neglect your pet? Forget to feed him, walk him? Do you neglect your child? No.

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